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EU Greens defeated on proposal for European Court to act as filter in Investor-State Dispute Settlements

Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) has been the focus of critics of the EU-US Free Trade Agreement/ TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – and European Union (EU) Greens are against the inclusion of ISDS, which would allow corporations to take nation states to court in the event that national laws were detrimental to their profit[...]

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US-EU Free Trade Agreement Video

“A succinct, well produced and informative video about the most serious attack ever waged on democracy in my lifetime” – Polly Tickle.
US-EU Free Trade Agreement.
Call it what you will the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) must not be allowed to be a part of it.


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A CALL TO ACTION: Democracy at Stake

The imposition of austerity has no democratic mandate from the public. Nobody voted for the privatisation of the NHS, or the Bedroom Tax, and the Liberal Democrats were quite prepared to renege on one of the key promises they made to their voters on tuition fees.
Our system of parliamentary democracy is unable to[...]

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ISDS – What you don’t know will hurt you.

ISDS in 2012 marked a new record, as there were at least 62 new investment arbitration cases being initiated against sovereign nation states. The highest number of known treaty-based disputes ever filed in one year. 2013 has the second highest number of treaty disputes, numbering 57 cases.
2012 also had the highest pay out to[...]

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Occupy London General Assembly: April 2014

It wasn’t as sunny as the March Assembly but 80 people attended, along with two police vans and a quantity of police, who checked how long OL intended to stay, then watched from a distance.
With April 5th being the anniversary of the Bedroom Tax, people in cities around the UK had taken to[...]

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Tony Benn Has Passed Away

“Now in a world of international capitalism, we are being dominated increasingly by people we did not elect, can’t remove and who therefore do not have to listen to us…..” Tony Benn, Steps of St.Pauls, 9/11/11.
Tony Benn visited Occupy LSX twice. The first visit is presented here care of  Peter[...]

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When A Politician Is Worth Listening to – Australian Greens Politician Senator Scott Ludlam Invites Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot to Western Australia

At 10pm on the 3rd of March in Canberra, to a chamber where only one other senator was present, Senator Scott Ludlam invited Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot to visit Western Australia. Little did he know that his speech would go viral.
So what is a speech by a politician doing on the Occupy London[...]

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Occupy Revival, 2 years after OLSX eviction

At an Occupy Assembly on March 1st 2014, two years after the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted from the City of London, Occupy activists reclaimed the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.
Joined by peace and environmental campaigners, anti-fracking protectors, union reps, individuals concerned about local and global injustices – and curious passers’-by –[...]

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Occupy London at St Paul’s, Sat March 1st

Join us for our first General Assembly of 2014 on March 1st at 3pm, on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.
This assembly marks two years since the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp was evicted.
Everyone is welcome to join us. We don’t expect thousands to show up on March 1st, but perhaps this could[...]

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