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10 Years On – Let’s #ChangeFinance


10 Years On – Let’s #ChangeFinance

This September 15th marks ten years since Lehman Brothers collapsed, sparking the global financial crisis. After the crash, the government bailed the banks out with over £130bn of our money, promising they would #ChangeFinance by reforming the banks, but instead starved our public services, wages and economy of investment. They’ve had ten years to fix our broken economic model and they’ve failed to make an impact. We’ve suffered a decade of misery for a crash we didn’t cause.

So now we’re uniting to #ChangeFinance saying: – We’re calling time on banks’ reckless, unfair and neglectful behaviour before they sleepwalk us into another crash. – We’ve watched the government waste ten years of our lives with austerity, job insecurity, rising inequality and extortionate rents. Let’s not let them waste another decade. We’re a group of ordinary people, charities, campaign groups, trade unions, journalists and economists who are saying enough’s enough. Please join us on 15th September to demand our politicians and central bankers #ChangeFinance.

With speakers including John McDonnell MP, Paul Mason, Kirsty Blackman MP, Molly Scott-Cato MEP, Steve Turner (Unite), Zita Holbourne (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts), Naomi Colvin (Occupy), Rachel Oliver (Positive Money), Kelsey M (Sisters Uncut), Asad Rehman (War on Want), Andy Greene (Disabled People Against Cuts), David Hillman (Robin Hood Tax Campaign) + surprise guests

Jamie Kelsey-Fry (New Internationalist) and Andy Green (DPAC)

Naomi Colvin of #OccupyLondon talks at #10YearsOn https://youtu.be/wLK49zaJPtw the power of #directdemocracy used at #occupy continues, the vision of the 99% was right then and remains so. The #economicsystem is broken, unjust and undemocratic, it will take us to change it, not them.

Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP at #10YearsOn “I’ve found the money tree, it’s in the Caymann Islands” “I was at Occupy London outside St Pauls on the first day, they were right”


Me ranting outside the Bank of England today after a great line-up of speakers. It’s better if you don’t look, just listen. One statistic is wrong & one slightly out. World debt is only $273 trillion, but I correct that the second time. – Dave Dewhurst.

It was a privilege to be able to speak at the #10YearsOn demo at the Royal Exchange earlier. (And v cool of @johnmcdonnell to mention @occupylondon in his speech too). My words are here: # Naomi Colvin.


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