Opposing Fracking… by TinaLouiseUK


Opposing Fracking… by TinaLouiseUK

Opposing Fracking… by TinaLouiseUK

We get it wrong as often as we get it right; there is no ‘game plan’, no job description, no way to know if the next moment’s decision will get us closer or farther from the goal… but we do it anyway because sitting this one out, would be a crime against our children.

The imminent danger is plain as day and looks like a rig at the side of an ‘A’ road in Lancashire… it’s impossible to ignore, though some turn away out of fear of being inadequate to the task, unwilling to try at something that looks too big, too daunting and with little chance of success. The frustration of those who don’t actively engage, plays out with negativity and even blame when things don’t go well. Things can’t go well for goodness sake… we’re taking on one of the biggest industries in the world and our arsenal is woefully inadequate compared to theirs… ours has wool and cake in it alongside the lock-on tubes and truck-surfer survival kits; if you were a Bookie you’d have us ranked well below the rank-outsiders… down there in the muddy pile of hopelessly-out-of-our-depth.

We plough on though… not because we think we are fabulously good at this, not because it’s a lifestyle-choice, not because of the glory (we have to pee in a bucket, breathe noxious fumes & have our bodies bruised) and certainly not because of some conspiracy cooked up by fools and believed by the too-easily misled… but because we are firmly and un-moveably stuck in this obligation to PROTECT OUR YOUNG. NOTHING can stop this primal, in-built fact of life and there’s no way to get out of it… so even when it truly sucks and it so often does… we stick our heads above parapets and take the chances because there is no time to delay, no luxury of long-term goals to plot and plan… just now, just every now-moment of every day… the urgent need to stop this industry before it is so deeply into us, we can’t hope to get it out.

The money, power and influence of the energy industry is up there with the all-time big-hitters and we… we’re just mums, grandmas, retired midwives, history teachers, vicars, engineers, nurses, Councillors, choir teachers, violinists, harp players, jugglers and all other manner of sorts that saw a problem and got up to do something about it… active citizens who give a damn about the well-being of ourselves and others.

This week…. In the place where law is abused and justice faked, the frackers sought to cut off yet another of our avenues of defense against them. For seven years we have challenged every step they have taken; from the corridors of ‘power’ to the streets, we have been there throwing truth and ourselves about and they have blocked us at every turn… but we’re still here, they’re still not producing any gas yet and the first horizontal frack has still not happened.

We can feel their breath on our necks they’re that close to it now but;;; NOTHING WILL STOP US FULFILLING OUR OBLIGATION TO PROTECT OUR YOUNG.

There are spaces and places and ways to be that remain ‘safe’ within the phoney laws and we will evolve and adapt and challenge in ways we haven’t yet thought of… ways that will come to us in moments of inspiration and desperation and whether wrong or right, we’ll give other things a try because the only other option is to lay back and accept that our children WILL suffer as a result of our inaction.

So on Monday… we have the lovely Kate Raworth and John Ashton joining us for another Green Monday, hope to see you at the roadside


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