Videos – 2011-2012

Occupy London – Sunday October 9th 2011, First General Assembly at Westminster Bridge

Occupy London: Day 1 Saturday October 15th 2011

Occupy London: Day 1 from Jack Chute on Vimeo.

OccupyLSX: Saturday October 15th 2011, First General Assembly at St. Paul’s steps

George Barda @ OccupyLSX – Occupy Compassion, Courage & Possibility Saturday Evening 15th 2011

Occupy together: Law and Peace Saturday October 15th 2011

Occupy London Occupy Together ‘Law & Peace’ from Cristian Fletchr on Vimeo.

October 15th & 16th 2011. Occupy LSX Day 1 & 2 – 2011

A Tale of Tent City

A Tale Of Tent City from Lucy Peel on Vimeo.

Occupy LSX – DAY2 Sunday October 16th 2011

The City of London Vs. Tammy Samede – OccupyLSX
The City of London Corporation served notice for eviction on the 17th November 2011, one month and two days after the initiation of the camp site/occupy.

The City of London vs Tammy Samede-Occupy LSX from Polly Tikkle Productions on Vimeo.

OccupyLSX. What is next? General Strike 30th Nov 2011 and beyond.

London “Occupy Everywhere — Day of Action” St. Paul’s

Whose side are you on $t. Pau£’s? 7th December 2011

Whose side are you on St Paul’s? from Polly Tikkle Productions on Vimeo.

occupy st. pauls & london stock exchange 18/12/2011

A 60 second story – Dan – Occupylsx

OccupyLSX – London Stock Exchange Camp New Year’s Eve. Dec. 31st 2011

True Colours. Dec. 31st 2011

Occupy LSX visits Canary Wharf

OccupyLSX Camp Snowed – February 5th 2012.

February 13th 2012. Occupy LSX Brings Back The Magna Carta in the Supreme Court

February 28th 2012. Eviction Beginning.

OccupyLSX Eviction – On the Barricades

February 28th 2012. Occupy London – Occupy LSX is Evicted – You Can’t Evict an Idea

New Beginnings: Save Leyton Marsh Campaign

BEGINNING from Ophélie Couture on Vimeo.

Occupy Nomads: Limehouse Basin

Watch live streaming video from occupylsx at

Occupy Mayday – May 1st 2012. Sarah Jewell representing Occupy London at Mayday Parade, Trafalgar Square

Occupy Mayday – May 1st 2012. Injunction against OccupyLSX at Paternoster Sq.

Occupy Global Day of Action May 12

Occupy May12 – Raw Footage 1

Occupy May12- Police prefer not to have camera footage of their activities.

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