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Get involved online
Participate in our discussions, keep up-to-date with our events and spread the word.

Take part in Occupy London events 
Various free events take place on a daily basis across Occupy London sites. Our events provide spaces to learn, share knowledge and develop skills through a  wide series of workshops, lectures, debates, films, games, praxis and  action. So why not attend an event or even organise your own session or workshop. The Tent City University, the educational arm of Occupy London puts on events at both the St Paul’s and Finsbury Square camps, while the Bank of Ideas, situated at 19-21 Sun Street, is a community hub with lots of events happening.

Participate in the General Assemblies
Our General Assemblies, which take place across the different occupations, are gatherings of people committed to discussing issues and making decisions collectively. They look at a variety of subjects, depending on the needs of the occupations so can be focused on political and economical topics as well as discussions involving the camp and the movement. Open to everyone that is respectful of the process and others involved in the Assembly, your input is truly valued and welcome. Do come along or follow it online via our Livestream channel.

Volunteer or bring your expertise
The Occupy movement exists thanks to all the volunteers that want a more just society, to talk about it and to begin to make it happen. It is people like you that can make that happen and grow. You can help either just by offering a few hours a week or engaging more actively by offering your expertise to a working group. Please use the forum to let us know how you would like to help or to find out what the occupation’s needs are. Or just come by the Information points at the occupations and ask there.

Join a Working Group
Working groups are formed by people deciding that they want to meet to discuss or focus on specific issues. There are a large variety of working groups, some involved in debates, others in the outreach of the movement and others are specific to the logistics of the occupations. You are welcome to join working groups either by dropping in to one of their meetings, or following their activities on the online forum.

Start a debate and spread the word
Start talking in your communities, in your families, with your friends about the issues Occupy is raising. Spread the word about the Occupy movement.

Make a donation
If you would like to make a donation to Occupy London, please visit the Donations page.

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