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Barton Moss 30/12/2013: Direct Action & Manchester Police

“People of Barton Moss, Irlam, Salford, Manchester, please support the Protector Camp at Barton Moss. It’s cold and hard, and they are working to defend our shared environment. Fracking is coming any week now to a field near you. What they need most is people, support on the ground. Not necessarily walking in front of[…]

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Barton Moss 23/12/2013: 4 arrested “to fulfill a quota”

Update from Tim Williams at Barton Moss Protection Camp:
Howling gales driving rain at Barton Moss but we now have the Disco Dome fitted with sound system so we continue to stand here against the Fracking madness. Yesterday I experienced for the first time the feeling of real Oppression it was kind of scary.4 people[…]

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Walk The Walk to Downing Street: Here’s to a Frack Free 2014

Walk the Walk, Downing street. Photo by Gayzer Frackman
Here’s to a Frack Free 2014
Walk the Walk – Downing Street. Photos and video, with brief text by Min Bee
This was the original call out and what would Occupiers/Protectors do, but answer the call?

We are looking for Anti-Fracking campaign groups to write their[…]

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This article was derived from BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)
Published on 13 Dec 2013 on BIFF’s Facebook
The Greater Manchester Police are reaching new levels of brutality and unjustifiable arrest at IGas Barton Moss Drilling Site
Today, two of them threw a disabled man into a ditch – apparently breaking his knee[…]

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