Polly Higgins Speaks About Ecocide At The London School Of Economics – What Is To Be Done?


Polly Higgins spoke at the London School of Economics at an event aptly called What Is to Be Done?. With a line of speakers likened¬† by Andrew Simms from Global Witness as being in a ‘sweetie shop full of my favorite people’, Polly began the evening talking about Ecocide and why implementing it as a 5th International Crime Against Peace, makes perfect legal sense and could save our planet.The line up was:

Bruce Kent: Conflict and Climate Change
Neal Lawson: Compass
Roisin Robertson: Greenpeace in this video.
Peter Dean: Biofuel watch
Andrew Simms: Global Witness
Nick Dearden: World Development Movement
John Hilary: War on Want
Michael Meacher: Labour MP

The evening was full of thoughtful angles on how to approach the magnitude of the systemic change. Neil Lawson from Compass highlighted that most of us can imagine the end of the world but not the end of capitalism.The evening ended with Michael Meacher being as straight forward about incompetence and lack of wisdom within the governments he works in and with as you would never expect an MP to be.

I, Polly Tikkle, was commissioned to video the evening. To my horror the first video file was corrupted but I managed to capture the audio from my on hand back up audio machine. Those days when a back is needed are rare, but gosh it feels good to have them.

If you have one hour and thirty four minutes to spare, its a well worth a listen. Each speaker was clearly an expert in their field. The final Q&A was taken over by a group publicizing their campaign RESET. It was a shame that there was no time for questions because I did not really understand what John Hilary was pushing for. The occupy movement is a much of a grassroots movement as seemed to be asking for and it would be nice if he joined us!


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