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Who’s pulling the strings of the BBC and the GMP?

GMP were pack of wolves.

Greater Manchester Police were “pack of wolves”.

Who might be pulling the strings of the BBC and the GMP? The Peel Group own the land at Barton Moss where there is an exploratory fracking site. There has been incredibly heavy-handed policing by the Greater Manchester Police, against people legally protesting against fracking on the site. The Barton Moss protectors feel that this has been under-reported. Meanwhile, BBC Manchester are renting space at offices owned by the Peel Group.

Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd said:

“There is legitimate public concern over this operation and it is right and proper that allegations of police misconduct are investigated fully and thoroughly.

I have – publicly and privately – called on the Chief Constable to provide assurances that the operation at Barton Moss is proportionate. It is a complex situation where police have to balance the legitimate rights of people to lawfully protest with the rights of those who live and work in the local area.”

The start of the week was not encouraging, with protectors experiencing heavy-handed treatment from the police, which some claimed looked like revenge, due to police frustration over the Protectors winning a court victory (Barton Moss Road being legally defined as a footpath, not a highway).


In addition to the arrests over the weekend – which attending solicitor Simon Pook thought warranted serious investigation due to breaches of human rights – one protector reported being threatened, and on Sunday evening there was a strange incident of a tyre being slashed. This is the response from the protector whose tyre was slashed:

“So I had the tyres on my car slashed at camp. I was parked opposite a care centre where there are three, 360 degree cameras and one normal camera. Funnily enough, the police told me where I was parked wasn’t captured on these cameras. The corruption thickens. If they think its going to stop to me, they’re very wrong! ~ Laura, Occupy-er and Protector

Aggressive policing seems to have rallied extra support for the Barton Moss Protectors and friends, resulting in a bigger presence at the camp and along the footpath.

A message from one of the protectors:

“I want to say a big heartfelt thank you to all the people who came out to Barton Moss this morning … especially those who came for the first time (of whom there were numerous) … and especially those who crossed distance to be there (hats off to Di from South Wales for one! .

It was so good to be able to point out, to all the police people, that the response to Saturday’s aggressive (bordering on malicious) policing was the largest number of bodies we have ever had there …. very heartening . Thank you to you all for standing up to be counted” . ~Colin Gong.

This is a video from the Charlie Vietch channel of what happened on the 17th February 2013.

Livestream by Tristan Woodwards:
http://bambuser.com/channel/tristanwoodwards  To follow Tristan on twitter: @TWoodwards.

Livestream from 0924hours GMT.
Several protectors handing themselves in to the police for breaking bail conditions. Plus encountering a bailiff who refuses to show them his identification. This person then attempts to hand out unsigned, plain paper notices stating that the protectors are trespassing on the public footpath. Greater Manchester Police Bronze Commander/Inspector claims to the protectors that the unsigned, plain paper notices are valid but that Greater Manchester Police will “allow” protests but that police will escort lorries down the public foothpath; protesters/protectors will not allowed to block the footpath. It had to be pointed out to him that it is a right to protest, GMP don’t decide to “allow” it, or not. Another point from a protector. “Aggravated Trespass means you have to be trespassing. You cannot be trespassing on a public footpath”.

Livestream from 0943hours GMT.
Slow walk to the iGas facility. Tristan asking an inspector for their number. Inspector ignores his question and walks away. Shouts of “Why are the Greater Manchester Police ignoring the courts and working for the corporations?”. Walkers on the public footpath start getting pushed to go faster.
At 7min 24sec. The TAU (Tactical Assault Unit) – “Thugs Are Us”, according to one protector – join in and push the walkers.
In most situations, this tactic of pushing would be regarded as assault, but the Greater Manchester Police are regularly using it as their primary tactic.
16min 20sec. One protector decides to sit down: his right to protest. Police start shouting to keep moving and start shoving people again. Police start exclaiming to be careful of the car, while pushing people down the footpath. All the while refusing to answer the question: “What is the speed limit for walking?”
48min 10sec. Tina Louise berating a spectacled Police PC #14177 who kneed a grandmother on her back to get her to move. The woman ended up crying from the pain.
Finally, Tristan sees a police evidence gatherer taking a photo of him, and calls him an idiot. The police calls him over and challenges him – though using a nice voice – saying that Tristan is being insulting…. as if the events of the last hour, of police assaulting Tristan’s friends and family, just did not occur.
As pointed out by witnesses in other Occupy and Fracktivist camps: The protectors and protesters are in a mentally abusive relationship, with the police their abusers. The police have the power to arrest and to commit violence. They can be nice on one hand and then in an instant turn nasty. Whereas the protectors must not resist, complain too loudly and answer back.

Livestream from 1322hours GMT.

Livestream from 1333hours GMT.

Livestream from 1344hours GMT.

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Our Livestreamers protect the protectors and activists from being strong armed by the police, but our equipment has a shorter life due to being out on all weathers and situations. If you want to support the Livestreamers, please donate via the Paypal Account: nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk.

There is a travelling fund and for legal costs set up to assist the protectors.


FACEBOOK PAGES: BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)

Barton Moss Community Protection Camp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BartonMoss

More details here:


Public Rights of Way

Greater Manchester Police accused of disproportionate force as policing cost of anti-fracking protest set to reach £1m

Fifty arrested at anti-fracking protest could walk free after judge rules they can’t be charged

Update: Anti-fracking protest at Barton Moss ‘changed forever’ as landmark ruling comes into force

Protestors’ ‘Fracking victory’ at Barton Moss

Who do you think might be pulling the strings of the BBC and the GMP?

Who do you think might be pulling the strings of the BBC and the GMP?

The link is from the Independent, is from last October and was published just before Barton Moss Community Protection Camp was set up.
The biggest company you’ve never heard of: Lifting the lid on Peel Group – the property firm owned by reclusive tax exile John Whittaker.


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