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What have you got to hide from the MI5/6? by Andria



“What have you got to hide” from the MI5/6?

I am an LSE Alumni, a devoted mother and social/political activist. I also happen to be a woman who almost lost her life mainlining heroin and /or cocaine, that is (for any of you that may not know) directly into my veins. So when I heard that an old companera, Annie Machon (director of the European branch of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), was speaking at the LSE, I made it my business to get there. Millie my daughter was safely playing with another local family in NW5 and off I drove (sorry, I’m disabled…) into the insane streets of inner city rain, and rage at the tube striking masses..

Matt Ryder was also a member of the five-adult strong panel – the Barrister who is currently defending Ed Snowden and may also be helping women whose lives have been turned upside down by undercover cops… Hazel Blears was another panelist and sat beside her is a man who used to coordinate work for the UK Secret Services who, as opposed to Annie, is still on the side of the State it seems.

The summary of this meeting is better watched on the little film I made on Bambuser: most of it is audible, so please do go ahead and watch/listen to it; it is 99 minutes long. Sorry to say, but I was only impressed by Annie, and Matt Ryder…In truth.
My truth.

It was intense. I wanted to cry and scream many times: somehow, knowing I had the camera in my hand, kept me more or less, together. Dr Jones, a former -Oxbridge student and now scientist stood up and demanded that the current Secret Services stop watching him. His phone is/has been tapped and his papers have been taken from him and computer and other technologies. Why do they do this to good people like him , trying to find the cure for Alzheimers?

This week, for the third or fourth time, all my technology was hacked again and over the years I have noticed that every time I get deeply involved with my political work, this happens to me…grrr! Previously, when I whined about it, friends said “oh stop it Andria, who cares what you are up to when there are terrorists on the loose” but now, according to this dumb government, I am a domestic extremist.

I can’t tell, you how much that makes me pmsl, as Tammy S puts it. Little ol’ me, a domestic …Yeh, I’m a domestic alright: in my kitchen working hard as I fall over frequently, as a disabled woman, trying to get all the household chores done before my daughter returns from the “edumacation” factory

If I could meet Julian Assange, Ed Snowden, and others from Wikileaks etc, I would want to give them several huge hugs of appreciation each. I would ask them to teach me how to hack into a BAD PERSON’s computer system and then yes, Mr Status Quo, U would have every right to come and arrest my ass… but I am a dedicated Mother 1st, BEFORE any other thing, and I cannot go to prison, so I shall have to stick to more humble activism like this article here now..

Friends, companeras/os if you are reading this, please let’s get our acts together before we end up in a complete Fascist State, which is where we are seriously headed.

Yes it is true that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear either BUT what about our MPs, MEPs, bankers, corporate leaders and so on, are they all innocent? Thinking....

Andria Efthimiou-Mordaunt MSc

‘What have you got to hide?’

Hazel Blears, MP; Annie Machon ((Director of LEAP Europe and former intelligence officer for MI5); Professor Sir David Omand (First UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator and visiting professor at KCL); Matthew Ryder QC (Barrister, Matrix Chambers)
Chair: Dr Andrew Scott


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