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Many of us are tempted to look back at 2011 or perhaps 2012 as our “glory days”. Why is that? Is it because our impact was just so huge back then? Is that our impact is just so small now? Is it that we had a real chance to change the world back then but that time is now past?
I’d like to suggest that the days we are living now are amongst the most powerful and promising that we have shared together. I want to suggest that the skills and capabilities of the people reading this thread is going from strength to strength. I believe this important to state because if we don’t care to look we may miss it.

Let me illustrate. In the last 5 months the people reading this message have played key roles in organising 4 protest actions of around London, 2 outreach events attended by around 50 people, a whopping 4 mass actions attended by around 300 people and 4 dissident videos viewed by thousands.
These actions also do not lack clear objectives or outcomes. They, in fact, all address clear and important issues in some cases putting them on the map. Lets have a look!






Occupation protest on Westminster Abbey grounds by protesters from Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) in LondonOccupiers help organise the attempted occupation of Westminster Abbey. This was the largest collaboration
organised between Occupy, Uk Uncut and DPAC to date. It involved scores of people, huge amounts of equipment and brought together many groups.


1405166833507Occupiers help organise the UK’s first national day of action against TTIP. The action brought hundreds of
people to the streets and forged alliances between WDM, Occupy, Keep Our NHS Public and many more groups.


▶ #onn #olsx #OccupyTheOccupation @occupydemocracy #gazaj26 London | mhoust42 | Bambuser_00000Occupiers organised an assembly for Gaza on Parliament Square. The assembly lasting several hours gave hundreds of people a space to express their views on Israel/Palestine after the national demonstration.


IMG_0740Occupiers organise a second assembly for Gaza in Hyde Park. Again hundreds gather to participate.


narchy Occupiers organise a public talk on The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street. 50 people attended and gave very warm responses.


DSC_0382Occupiers organise an Emergency No CETA demo outside BIS. With just a week of preparation the demo
was attended by 50 people on a Friday afternoon. With several groups such as the People’s Assembly, the Green Party,
WDM and more in attendance.

Over September and October


Polly Tikkle produced 4 complete videos promoting Occupy actions. The topics included:
Democracy, TTIP, Fracking and Tax Havens. 


TimOccupiers organise another No CETA demo outside the European Commission.
With War on Want, the Green Party, StopTTIP in attendance.


johnOccupiers organise a film night attended by 60 people. Occupiers promote the noTTIP and Occupy Democracy
actions and use the the social night as an outreach.


hands off our democracy-01Occupiers play key roles in organising the unprecedented and even larger noTTIP action in London. Hundreds
turn out. With over 400 actions taking place simultaneously around Europe.



Occupiers set to begin a week long occupation of Parliament Square. The action is set to bring together NHS
campaigners, anarchist groups, Reclaim the Power, Radical Housing Network, anti-Frackers, disability activists and more.

And lets not forget the ongoing care of the Occupy London website and the countless articles, livestreams and artwork produced by occupiers reading this post.

Ok, now. If I told you about a small group of people in London who had done all that in the last few months what would you think?
Would you think they were doing something right? Would you be impressed by their work?

I believe that it is important for us to recognise our own growth and potential. The question then becomes how can we continue to build on it? How can we work even better as a team? What is the main thing still missing? Where are we united? And where would we like to go?







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