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West Newton Camp Arrests 02/06/2014



West Newton Camp Arrests 02/06/2014

Update:DTG02062014 23:55hours.
Humberside Police are STILL refusing to tell us or even the solicitors which station they have taken Nick and Ben over 3h after arrest.

Nick and ‘Gadget’ Ben have been arrested at West Newton Protection Camp for obstruction of highway while walking in vehicles into the fracking compound! The police have refused to tell us which station they have been taken to! Nick was put on the ground and handcuffed by 4 officers who painfully twisted his arms behind his back. This is despite Nick peacefully walking down the road and posing no threat to anyone or himself. He asked that he be released from the cuffs as he was willing to to walk to the van without resistance and in response the officers picked him up and carried him into the van! Absolutely outrageous disgustingly heavy handed approach on peaceful protectors! It is most likely the arrestees will he kept overnight in the cells and released tomorrow morning. Please watch the livestream video of this arrest and share this EVERYWHERE. Humberside police must not get away with this! ~ West Newton Protection Camp.

Live stream video of Nick and Ben’s arrest at West Newton camp today. Please watch and share! And don’t forget to flood Humberside police with your complaints at them once again denying our right to peaceful protest as well as using heavy handed techniques on peaceful protectors. They also have a twitter @Humberbeat. They’d love to hear from you.

This camp was set up in response to Rathlin Energy’s well site which plans to drill for shale gas

West Newton Protector has his right to peaceful protest forcefully removed and arrested on Thursday 26th May 2014.

Please help and support the camp any way you can. The next few days/weeks will be critical. West Newton Community Protection Camp, Piper's Ln Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire HU11 5DB

Live video stream by : http://bambuser.com/channel/bigandydj
West Newton Community Protection Camp

Anti-fracking campaigners fear drilling about to start at West Newton site in Holderness


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