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TalkFracking – Manchester Debate Livestream



Helen Rimmer – Friends of the Earth
Liz Arnold – US Anti-Fracking Campaigner
Tina Louise Rothery – Residents Action on Fylde Fracking
Rachel Thompson – Northern Gas Gala (http://northerngasgala.org.uk/)
Tom Barlow – Reclaim The Power

This is a critical moment for Britain. The government’s plans to introduce fracking will change the UK forever. There are several issues surrounding this technology that we need to talk about. Can fracking cause a real threat to our water supply ? Will fracking bring a genuine jobs boom? Will fracking help us tackle climate change, or will it make it worse?

Twitter feed from the Manchester Debate.

Audience Member in Manchester this evening: “Is there a conspiracy or are the reports of police brutality real at Barton Moss?”

Audience Member: my house in Blackpool was damaged 2.5 yrs ago by #fracking but neither the govt or Cuadrilla will answer me #talkfracking

Helen Rimmer Friends of The Earth @wwwfoecouk: Inadequate #talkfracking regulations mean big risks for local environment and people’s health

Tina Louise, Residents Action on Fylde Fracking : “I have never witnessed peaceful protestors treated as badly as they are by police at Barton Moss”

Tina Louise @raff_group: We need to have an open dialogue with #fracking companies so we get the facts

Rachel Thompson, Local Campaigner in Salford: “We are going to make sure that Manchester Police are held accountable for the mistreatment of so many innocent people at Barton Moss”

Rachel Thompson @NorthernGasGala local campaigner: We are fed up of smoke and mirror tactics used by the #fracking industry #talkfracking

Tom Barlow – Reclaim The Power @nodashforgas : #fracking is a false solution to a false problem! #talkfracking

Liz Arnold #talkfracking #pensylvania activist tells how people lose access 2 water & get ill with cancer because of #fracking #UK stop it when u can




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