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Walk The Walk to Downing Street: Here’s to a Frack Free 2014


FrackingDowningStWalk the Walk, Downing street. Photo by Gayzer Frackman

I would just like to say for anyone watching this who wonders why we’re being so silly about something so serious, and while holding such important messages…YOU TRY FIGHTING THIS INSANITY FOR MONTHS ON END AND THEN SINGING CHRISTMAS CAROLS TO THE PRIME MINISTER WITHOUT LOSING IT!!!! ~ Vanessa Vine.

Here’s to a Frack Free 2014
Walk the Walk – Downing Street. Photos and video, with brief text by Min Bee

This was the original call out and what would Occupiers/Protectors do, but answer the call?

We are looking for Anti-Fracking campaign groups to write their own letters to the PM and hand deliver it to Downing Street. We need at least four to commit from each group, for one of the Friday’s leading up to the end of December. Gayzer will meet you at the gate before you go in. We need to be banging on the door of Downing Street until they hear us” We do not want fracking (CBM) or (UCG) if you want to sign up please call. There are four groups already signed now. this will go into next year if he does not respond. >> WE FIGHT WE WIN <<

Part 1. Carols at the Tube. Impromptu Frack Free Carol Service on the tube with the some Jolly Protectors & a captive audience ♥

Part 2. Pure Genius sign with Silver Fox.

Part3 Walk The Walk. LockTheGate at Downing Street.
Balcombe took a letter to the Prime Minister .. with support and extra voices from London, Lancashire, Kent and beyond. As the delegation enters downing street, Charles realises He doesn’t have the letter to hand in & Vanessa “Locks The Gate” ♥


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