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Voting UKIP Is Not a Protest, It’s an Own Goal, by Scriptonite Daily.


UKIP Bloodsports

UKIP assisted by their propaganda machine the BBC, has gained some support from some traditionally left wing voters. We even have some people claiming that they would vote UKIP, due to Farage being against blood sports. As you can see from the above photo, one has to wonder whether that is the case, if the guy on the horse is any indication on whether he believes Farage is against bloodsports.

A message was recently sent to us regarding the Lenny Henry Tweet. UKIP candidate defends tweets in which he said comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a “black country”.
Occupy, can one of you good people track down the Ukip manifesto and stick it online? I believe that when people realise what Ukip want to do, they’ll think twice with voting for them. We don’t have to rely on scare stories from the media. Ukip are their own worst enemy and people need to see that.

Assuming that one can be found…..

This was answered by our very own Scriptonite:

It’s on their website. I went through it line by line and debunked it on Scriptonite a while back. My favourite fact: UKIP don’t have an education policy. But they have a policy opposing equal marriage. After multiple embarrassments Farage has been saying for months that the party is having a policy review TBA ahead of 2015 elections.

Below is the link to the Scriptonite Daily dissecting UKIP.

A timely reminder that Voting UKIP Is Not a Protest, It’s an Own Goal, Crossposted from the Scriptonite Daily.

Increased support for UKIP in recent local elections has been interpreted as a protest against the out of touch, carbon copy mainstream parties. For any voter seeking to protest our broken political system, voting UKIP is a huge own goal. UKIP allow the mainstream parties to keep the conversation on immigrants and the EU, and off the major issues of our time.

Do You Know What You Are Voting For?

UKIP Billboards Are Being Vandalised All Over Britain

UKIP candidate William Henwood defends Lenny Henry tweet


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