Video – Occupy London – What is next?


Occupy LSX, What is Next? from inka stafrace on Vimeo.

Shot Nov 30th – 23rd December

Filmmaker Inka Stafrace


Stop watching the telly and whining.

Join the spirit of Occupy by writing letters, voting, demonstrating, visit the site, join a working group, whatever you do … do something.


5 Responses to “Video – Occupy London – What is next?”

  1. The video was okay except for the music. Very off-putting. I don’t have a problem with some introduction music, but all the way through is way too much. Am I supposed to be listening to people talk or a song? Lyrical music is okay with collages and similar, like they do in the moving picture industry, but I find over-use of music (popular-style in particular) cheapens any meaning in verbal messages when playing over the top and makes it harder to concentrate, particularly if the film’s main purpose is not entertainment.

    • Apologies, that just sounded like whining rather than simple constructive criticism, but then I like whining 😉
      Good work regarding the vid! Advertising works by repeating messages and it has dawned on me recently that repeating alternative messages (in this case the occupy message) is what is to be done. Super.

  2. Well done to you all. You’re making a massive impact on the system. Quite simply the NEWS BLACKOUT makes you massive news. You are right about avoiding TV, the so called BBC NEWS spends hours showing us the wind and rain and You Tube videos, is it NEWS – NO..

  3. The video ends with a very decisive message: “Occupy is not and never will be a political party you can vote for.” I was curious, how did Occupy come to such a firm conclusion on the matter? Also, what is your strategy for change if it doesn’t include participation in pre-existing political structures? – That is, given the corruption endemic to the political and economic system; given the supreme influence of markets in domestic and international policy making; given the dominance of right-wing ownership of mass media; given the systemic bias to the rich within the banking system; and given the disaffected and disillusioned state of the public with regards to politicians and political issues – who feel they can’t trust anyone anymore – how does Occupy envision changing these systems from the outside if, on the basis of occupy’s own analysis, these systems are fundamentally opposed to such change? (Not to mention that these systems are underwritten by state power)

    Furthermore, a few slides later the video reads “Write letters, Vote . . . etc etc.” – Write letters to whom? Corrupt politicians? Vote for whom? Business-backed governments? I can understand that your wary not play into the hands of ‘apathetic Britain’ where people sit at home thinking all they have to do is vote every four years to be part of a democracy. But couldn’t Occupy stand candidates as a way of engaging people and encouraging people to get off their seats? – Isn’t a big part of the problem that no one feels they can trust politics anymore? And couldn’t Occupy offer something new in that respect; something trustworthy, something not corrupted? Even more: something with an international voice?

    (Just as a side point: now that Occupy has made this decision, will it no longer be up for discussion?)

    • Hello there, that’s the personal opinion of the film-maker. While other occupations have made definitive statements on these and similar matters, Occupy London has not.


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