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Upcoming events: Occupy London on tour, Homeless people speak out, OccStock!, Occupy Tours, How the global 1% is trashing the planet and more


With Occupy London due in the High Court on Monday 13 February to see if their application for appeal is successful, the occupations and their supporters look set to host another packed weekend of events for all to join in – some highlight events below with more to be found at  http://occupylsx.org/?page_id=176.

Also expect news about further occupations coming soon!

5pm Friday 3 February – Occupy London’s General Assembly on tour

With this week’s news dominated by reports of RBS heads losing honours and turning down bonuses, Occupy London has decided to focus a public assembly looking at the matter – all welcome to attend. Meet 5pm today (Friday) at OccupyLSX by St Paul’s from where we will walk to a secret location to hold a public assembly.

The public outcry at having a bank that is 82% owned by taxpayers award millions of pounds worth of share bonuses in a climate of financial  austerity and falling RBS share prices, was a major force behind these  decisions. But is waving bonuses an effective way of dealing with pay excess in  the financial sector? Does it address the systemic failures in the structure and regulation of banks? Occupy London invites you to decide. Prominent critics of the current financial system, including Occupy London’s Economics working group, will give brief speeches on tax  justice and socioeconomic reform, after which we will discuss alternative means of addressing income inequality. It’s going to be cold, so wrap up in warm clothes and bring along a thermos or mug. Hot tea will be served.

Further general assemblies will be held at St Paul’s over the weekend – check the calendar for details.

2pm Saturday 4 February – Homeless people speak out at St Paul’s

This week is Poverty and Homelessness Action Week and on Saturday, outside St Paul’s, an action group formed at OccupySX will be hosting a speak-out on homelessness. From the beginning of Occupy London at St Paul’s and Finsbury Square, rough sleepers and other homeless people have been occupiers at both camps, taking part in actions, discussions and assemblies and keeping the camps alive by working in the kitchens, stores, recycling and shelter.

The event will be a chance for those with experience of homelessness –  on the streets, in hostels, on friends’ sofas, or in other insecure accommodation – to tell the truth about what it is like, how they are  treated by police and authorities, how they got there, and what they think would help. Occupy London has already brought social justice up everyone’s  agenda.  But homeless people remain invisible to many, and now new  legislation, housing cuts, and cuts in benefits, jobs, and wages mean  more and more people without homes. The event will be 2pm outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Some shelter may be available, but please dress warmly and bring a flask!

7-11pm Saturday 4 February – OccStock! Occupy the night

This Saturday at OccupyLSX outside St Paul’s Cathedral will see a vibrant  melting pot of arts, music, performance, dance, poetry, magic, comedy  and mystery! Featuring a variety of talented performers coming together to thank and entertain the people of Occupy, the general public and each other, OccStock! will be a peaceful celebration and an enjoyable evening! More information at http://occstock.org/.

Occupy London Tours … Showing you another side of London

Bored with Big Ben? Tired of the Tower of London? Let us show you  another side of the capital with our informative and entertaining tours. ‘Enlightening’ – the Independent

After the success of our first tours, we are holding additional tours on the dates listed below.  Look out for upcoming tours of the City, to be announced soon! Contact occupylondontours@googlemail.com or follow us on Twitter @occupytours on twitter.


The most expensive place on the Monopoly board, and the no.1 destination for hedge funds in Europe. Among the luxury hotels, boutique shops and  exclusive clubs, we’ll take you to some of the secretive institutions that operate in the shadows of the world economy. Take a walk with  Occupy London as we delve into the murkiest corners of ‘hedge fund alley’… Meet outside Green Park tube (Piccadilly north exit). Look out for the tour guide with the umbrella! The tour takes around two hours.

Saturday 4 February, 2pm

Saturday 11 February, 2pm

Canary Wharf

London’s brash new financial district, home to some of the giants of the investment banking world. From the big banks to the ratings agencies,  from the auditors to the regulators, we’ll tell the story of the  financial crisis in one of the places where it all happened … Those of a  nervous disposition should be warned to expect tax dodging, financial  chicanery, and bonus bonananzas. Meet outside Canary Wharf tube. Look out for the tour guide with the umbrella! The tour takes around one hour.

Thursday 2 February, 6pm

Thursday 9 February, 7pm (later time)

2-4pm Sunday 5 February – How the global 1% is trashing the planet and stealing your future. At Tent City University OccupyLSX by St Paul’s

The 1 per cent is carrying on with “business as usual” regardless of the social and economic costs – or the environmental costs, for the 99%. This panel  discussion will explore how climate change is not some abstract future threat, but is already killing thousands each year of those in  countries which have no power and no voice on the world stage.

Speakers include: Asad Rehman for Friends of the Earth, George Monbiot, Helena Paul of Econexus, Claire Morris from Youth Climate Alliance, Shahrar Ali of the Green Party and Suzanne Jeffery from Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group.


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