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Tweet chat with David Finkelstein of the Times by Aengus Mac Og


Tweet chat with David Finkelstein of the Times by Aengus Mac Og

Just had a tweet “chat” with Daniel Finkelstein at the Times. How depressing. He’s a proper foot soldier for the regressive Right, so much so in fact they, of course, made him a Lord! So now not only does he peddle pseudo-intellectual clap trap in the Times but he gets to sit/sleep in those padded chairs and have some say on the laws and policy of the land. I don’t remember electing him but then again since when did that matter these days.

Last time I had a ‘chat’ with him it was when he was trying to convince readers that they should want austerity, appreciate austerity. Austerity is good! One can hear Gordon Gekko talking.

Today he had a go at a piece in the Guardian which was referred to as “breathtakingly stupid” and that the Guardian was “beyond parody”. I replied that “sometimes the Times is beyond propaganda, breathtakingly bigoted, short-sighted and compromised.” This didn’t go down well. What ensued was accusations, insinuations and insults, that I don’t read the paper, that I’m this or that, and that I was “mouthing of”. Classy!

Far from discussing why I might have said that the Times is what it is, and that it seems to have morphed into a Tory pamphlet (more so), it seemed much more important to him that I apparently ‘proved’ I was a regular reader. I was half expecting a test!!?

This is what we’re up against. Be warned. As many of you know, if you pick these people up on something you’re likely to get one of two responses. First tactic will be to be ‘condescending’ (the “calm down dear” approach which is wrong on so many levels but let’s not go there). The second is attack mode (Cameron in defence of Tory Party funding, £1m from a fund manager but let’s not go there). The point is that the conversation will not be about the subject you have picked them up on. Stay on target….

Ah well, I’ll continue to flick through the pages of the Times to read my favourite “commentators” as painful as that is. It’s always a decent guide to the next regressive right policy coming round the corner. Now let’s see, I’m thinking privatised policing, neighbourhood spying, and perhaps an ‘insightful’ piece on the benefits of a more traditional role for women, oh and the usual rants against PC and that it’s right to be racist, no ‘natural’ to be racist.


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