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TTIP Explained: Video


TTIP Explained. Daily Pickings by Clive Menzies.

Glyn Moody’s keynote speech, in the first 20 minutes of this video, explains the implications of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions. He also shows that even the EU’s best estimate of the economic benefit of TTIP doesn’t amount to very much.

Ask your prospective MEP about their views on TTIP – are they prepared to vote away your hard won social, health and environmental protection, allowing corporations to do as they please?

TTIP and a cup of coffee.

Glyn Moody is a technology writer. He is best known for his book Rebel Code: Linux and the Open Source Revolution. https://twitter.com/glynmoody


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