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Tristan at Barton Moss Protection Camp



I’ve made my choice in life and that is to fight I know people disagree with my life choices sometimes and I understand why but for me there is no way back.. It’s in my blood and I would rather die trying than walking away I’m rich in many other ways and to me money means nothings but I’m so grateful to the people that do support me with the means of getting around.

For me walking way would go against everything I stand for and betraying my brothers and sisters around the world.

~Tristan Woodwards.

Early in the morning being entertained with live music.

Evening outside iGas Barton Moss. Video to prove that Tristan and Dan are not near the iGas Gates. This was due to accusations of both supposedly threatening iGas guard/s

Another snatch by the police. Please note that the Greater Manchester Police arrest the protectors by claiming that the area is a highway, but all the signs and maps point out that it is a public footpath. Instead of facilitating the people’s right to protest, the police are acting as security for iGas, who are going to be poisoning the water supply in the area.

Monday Morning: Sitting down on a Public Footpath with SilverFox

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

Barton Moss Protection Camp Barton Moss Road, Just off A57 next to Airport, Eccles M30 7RL

More details here:

If you want to support the livestream directly, please send to the paypal account nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk

There is also travelling fund and also for some legal costs set up to assist the protectors.


Policing the Barton Moss fracking site has cost the taxpayer £300,000

Frack Free Greater Manchester

BIFF ! (Britain & Ireland Frack Free)
Barton Moss Community Protection Camp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BartonMoss


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