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Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Before the Anonymous UK and People’s Assembly Day of Civil Disobedience, Occupy London Press Team was contacted by the police Liaison Gateway Team, regarding the Guy Fawkes Night.

Good morning/afternoon

I am part of a small team of Police Officers dedicated to facilitating peaceful protest.

We are aware of many protest groups coming together on November 5th 2013 to hold a day of action in Central London

The Metropolitan Police Service is keen to work with these groups to facilitate a safe and successful event that balances the needs and rights of protest groups with those impacted by the protest.

It would be really helpful to meet and discuss your groups intentions, if any, for Nov 5th.

Could you please e mail me even if you have no intention to demonstrate on the 5th November.

Many Thanks for your time

Keith Leahy, P.C. 5376 CO
SC&O22(1) Police Liaison Gateway Team
Room 721 New Scotland Yard

This was our response:

We are sorry to disappoint, but we are under no obligation to respond to this request.

– Press Team.

Other Occupiers thought that we should have communicated with the police, others felt that it would not be constructive. This is the open letter for the Police.

> Dear Keith,
> Although on one level we can appreciate your diligence to serve and protect , I trust you can duly respect that there have been far too many occasions were we as protesters have been subjected to laws and police tactics that are designed to silence our points of view.
> So because of our conflict of interest we believe your request is not grounded in the dark reality of our time.
> Allow me to be crystal clear.
> Your primary duty is to defend our government and to ensure that the law is upheld. We don’t believe our government is honourable in its choices to siphon all wealth from the poorest in the land so that big landowners and corporations get richer beyond comprehension, and to compound their wealth they get tax breaks and are allowed to hide their wealth in tax havens.

It is your duty to protect them at our expense and you do so time and time again. So although we believe that you believe that you are acting in the best interests of Britain and the British people, we don’t think you are, and so we cannot work with you on Nov 5th.

Polly Tikkle
Occupy London




Photos: Total Policing, Total Control of Nov5th 2013. Bonfire Night. #BurnAusterity. ##OpVendetta London. #MillionMaskMarch


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