Tony Benn Has Passed Away


tony benn for occupy

“Now in a world of international capitalism, we are being dominated increasingly by people we did not elect, can’t remove and who therefore do not have to listen to us…..” Tony Benn, Steps of St.Pauls, 9/11/11.




Tony Benn visited Occupy LSX twice. The first visit is presented here care of ¬†Peter Woodbridge’s You Tube channel.



The second visit is presented here care of Smugglersrecords You Tube Channel. I remember this talk warmed our hearts and freezing bodies and heated our resolve to remain true to our feelings that systematic change in our democratic and economic system was required even if we were not quite sure how we would achieve it.




Tony Benn at the Stop The War Coalition demo regarding Britain’s involvement in the Syrian War, in Trafalgar Square in 2013.I recorded this, and just popped it on my channel today out of the respect I feel for this gentleman. Sorry about the camera shake!






Tony Benn brilliance. Although this video is not clearly dated and located, it must be a few years old before his stroke and his weakening health. It is presented here care of the MetaReaLizard You Tube Channel.


If all politicians were like Tony Benn there would be no need for Occupy!


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