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Tomorrow 9.30am – Bishop of London and Dean to meet OccupyLSX


VIEW ON THE LIVE STREAM NOW – http://www.livestream.com/occupylsx

Occupy London has been told that the Bishop of London and Dean of St Paul’s will be at the steps of St Paul’s tomorrow from 9.30am – 12am to meet us. We are looking to hold an assembly, which we would welcome them to attend. Campers and supporters welcome. Do come and join us.

NB. Don’t forget. At 0200 on Sunday, clocks will be put back to 0100 to mark the return of Greenwich Mean Time


9 Responses to “Tomorrow 9.30am – Bishop of London and Dean to meet OccupyLSX”

  1. Only campers and supporters welcome? Do you not welcome your enemies also

    • Er, dear anonymous troll, where does the post say only campers and supporters are welcome?

      • sorry it does not say only .
        “campers and supporters welcome” Do you not welcome your enemies also?

        does it make me a troll when I simply follow the advice, widely promoted at the occupy site, that you are under no obligation to give your name/address etc.

        • It’s not because you posted anonymously that I referred to you as a troll. It was because you were trolling.

          Peace 🙂

          • I hardly feel that it is trolling to point out that this could have been written differently- eg everybody welcome. It is an unfortunate truth that some behaviour I have witnessed at the occupy camp is extremely exclusionary. Using this insulting language is not mitigated by writing peace after it and putting a smilie face.

    • ‘You reap what you sow’

      Not welcoming enemies does not mean they cannot attend !

      Are you in the habit of welcoming your enemies ?

      Try adding to a debate instead of worthless snipes, please.

  2. Please remind the Bishops of Matthew 6:24, which they have sadly forgotten.

    There are numerous examples throughout the bible where the pious are shown up by God. There are still good men like Giles Fraser and Alan Wilson.

  3. Good morning. Just wondering how the publication of the General Assembly minutes is going? When are they going to be posted on this website for viewing?


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