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Today's Remembrance events – UK premiere of doc The Welcome at OccupyLSX


As part of Occupy London’s events marking this Remembrance weekend, this evening sees the UK documentary film premiere of The Welcome, a healing journey for war veterans and their families.

Organised by Occupy London’s Remembrance Day working group. the film will be shown at 9pm tonight (Saturday 12th November 2011) at Occupy London’s Tent City University at St Paul’s Churchyard. All are welcome to attend.







10 Responses to “Today's Remembrance events – UK premiere of doc The Welcome at OccupyLSX”

  1. “As part of Occupy London’s events…”? Stop trying to make it sound like a friendly, organised gathering. You lot need to get a life and get over it like the “99%” of us. It would be far better to show respect this weekend by leaving St Paul’s altogether. Staying there is disgusting and very disrespectful.

    • What do ‘you people’ need to ‘get over’?

      Why is it ‘disgusting and disrespectful’ for the occupation to remain at St Pauls?

      • Obviously with a massive decrease in postings on this website interest in the movement is starting to wain. It appears that the organisers are running out of both steam and ideas ???

        Egypt – total non-starter – see the comments !
        Syria – non-starter, see the comments !

        I realise that some individuals are desperate for the camp to continue,for their own reasons, but in all honesty it is time to pack-up and get out of town. I am “cringing” when I see the events and comments of the past few days. Do not turn the protest into a farce & do not turn the commentary into a mud slinging match between 4-5 persons, (you all know who they are). Better to leave “remembered” than to become an unwanted, irrelevant embarrassment.

        • perhaps people have realised that although most of Occupy are well intentioned all they are doing is moaning about things, coming up with some ill informed solutions and expecting everyone else to implement the system that they want. If this is not to fade into nothing then Occupy need to do the hard work of forming a political party, generating policies and getting elected.

    • Andy,

      I support the protest.

      My own uncle was in the RAF and got shot down on the very last day of WW2. I never knew him, but he knew me. His name is on a memorial at (IIRC) St Clements Dane church – the RAF church – at the far end of Fleet St from St Paul’s. I wear my poppy for him.

      The man who would have been my father in law, should he have lived, got shot down somewhere over Germany, between the time my partner was conceived and when she was born. So she never know him. My partner is now 68 years old and is supportive of the protest.


      • Read the Guardian seems to me their coverage is increasing-what are you frightened of.

        • No , the coverage is decreasing. You are falling victim to disinterest, just like Gen. Bill Slim’s “Forgotten Army” in Burma in WWII !

          • So thats ok then Roger is it, to just forget ?

            Is your comment a serious one ?

  2. A reading of Wilfred Owen’s: (The old Lie) Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. http://english.emory.edu/LostPoets/Dulce.html would be a moving start to the evening.

    One of the last veterans, Harry Patch, who campaigned at the end of his life (died 2009, aged 111 years and 38 days) would surely have approved. In July 2007, marking the 90th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of Passchendaele, in which he fought, and on revisiting the site in Flanders to pay his respects to the fallen on both sides of the conflict: Patch described war as the “calculated and condoned slaughter of human beings” and said that “war isn’t worth one life.”[ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Patch%5D – lest we and Andy, above, forget.

  3. Thanks a bunch for finding the time to explain the terminlogy towards the newbies!


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