Today at Occupy London: Reimagining the City.


Occupy London has highlighted how our right to the city is being undermined by the privatization of space which puts much the City out of bounds to ordinary people and protest. We must reverse this process of enclosure and create our city together.

Reimagining the city is a day of walking, exploring, playing, and mapping in the City of London.  It starts at 11am at Tent City University with a series of talks and then meets 1pm outside Tent City University for a walking exploration of the City’s public spaces.

The City of London is the financial hub of the country and the world. For those who do not wish to see our lives ruled by capital, this is a rather good place to explore other possibilities in these spaces and look for ways of reclaiming these spaces.

With a particular focus on the increasingly blurred boundaries between public/private spaces, we will explore and create public space in the City for all to enjoy – a lovely picnic, games of Twister, spoken word performances, music, and much, much more. Bring your imagination, enthusiasm, and some food to share.

Maps of the City of London will be provided to record our experiences and map things of interest.



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  1. Ha ha, there is nothing wrong with having some public and private places within the city. I think you’ll find that they are used extensively, especially at lunchtime.

  2. Sounds great – is this today, folks? I’ll nip out of work, if so…

  3. I would come and play twister but you all have to promise to shower directly before hand, who knows what diseases you tented folk carry.

  4. Hmm Speaks volumes doesn’t it!
    “The Occupy Movement and the Battle for Public Space”

    Also this might be of use
    “The London River Park: place for the people or a private playground?”

    I return you to your usual Meta-programming 😉

    Taken from

    To: All those who wish to fool us,
    The long standing era of your rulership has finally begun to wane. Your Colossus of global dominion, astride from land to land, who conquers in our name, has done so for the last time.

    We are the tired. Exhausted from your exploits.
    We are the poor. Robbed of our futures.
    We are the wretched yearning to breathe free.
    We are the beaten and abused. Victims of your subjugation
    We ARE the 99 percent. So take heed, we are the many and you are the very few.

    We have awoken now in this new day with a perfect burning question: why have we allowed ourselves to be contented? Contented with the most menial of allotments? Exactly how is it that we have succumbed for so long to an existence of subsisting off the scraps of those we make rich?

    Know this! The real power has always been with us! We built this city. We built this civilization, and not the self-aggrandized CEOs, Bankers and Politicians. Not the vendors of poverty, violence and injustice. We, the people, and not the establishment have always and exclusively been the force that has fed, clothed, sheltered, protected and healed the peoples of this earth. We erected those skyscraping monoliths, paved the roads, laid the bricks, forged the steel and set the foundations of this civilization!

    Just ask yourselves, did the one percent toil as we have? Did they spill their blood, sweat and tears upon the soft earth to win their fortunes? Or have they achieved such great wealth by riding the backs of the workers? All this and to top it off they bar us from any real participation in the affairs of our civilization, our communities and indeed to an extent our very lives claiming all the while that we lack both the wisdom and the virtue to do so ourselves.

    Is this the world we should be working all our lives to enjoy? Is this what our forefathers and indeed many of our peers around the world have died for? When the first peoples of this earth set out to make a better life for themselves, did they envision this? Could they imagine the people of today, who’ve laid waste to this earth for the benefit of the few? They have raped and pillaged this planet and beaten the human spirit into docile submission… until now!

    Now it is time! We must set out upon this world and seize back the right to our interests here in civilization. It is time to liberate the human spirit from the bondage of war and greed, so that we may realize all our wondrous potentialities. To not only have great ideas and beautiful dreams but to possess the freedom to act upon them. A world whose only limitations are that of our individual creativity and imagination.

    It is time to stop waiting for someone else to set us free. It is time for breaking down walls. It is time to heal our planet and each other. To stand as one with a voice of over seven billion, uninhibited by the geography of imaginary lines called borders.

    My brothers and sisters, we struggle in order to secure a new and better future. We believe that a better world is possible and that it is in fact more probable than the continuation of the one we find ourselves in today so do not despair at the odds against us. Some people spend their entire lives waiting for something worth dying for. We are here today to create instead, a world worth living for. A world worth loving for. We gather here not to beg in protest, our global movement is far more than that. We know that for as long as there are masters there shall always be slaves. The one percent will always need us, today we stand in a new realization, that we do not need them! The revolution has begun for we are here today to celebrate the birth of a new and better world for all mankind.

    • Christ… polemic, much?

    • I think the so-called 99% has a monopoly on pretension.

      I’d love to know which of the soapdodgers outside St Pauls “spilled their blood upon the earth”.


  6. Besides the protestors attacked by the police, arrested and charged with bogus public order offences, and then released on bail with restrictions preventing them from returning to St. Paul’s so they decided to continue supporting the movement from the Finsbury Square camp?

    When you use terms like ‘soap-dodgers’ – you are the one showing your prejudice and pretension. It undermines any argument you could make if you have to resort to such slurs, having to instead use insults to try and rely on an emotional plea rather than a logical one to state your case.

    Alas, the 99% is made up of people, and many of them are just like you, which means they are just as pretentious as you. That’s what people don’t realise. It’s easy to demonise an enemy when you use slurs to differentiate them from yourselves, but you try doing that when you learn that they are people exactly like you, who think like you and feel like you, but have just made a different decision because they have had enough.

    The divisions in the 99% is what keeps the 1% in power, and that’s what the 1% sell. You may think you are fine now, but how long to do truly think you are going to last in this failing economy when there are millions of people who think just like you? The 99% is unionising the people, healing the divisions, and making people realise that despite the differences, working together is the only way to get real systemic change that will solve the problems we face. Even the most selfish people cannot argue the logic in that – assuming that they have any intelligence. But some people are stupid, and petty, and will consider making lives miserable for themselves if it means making lives miserable for others in the mistaken belief that this somehow improves their own life. They are wrong – life is not a zero-sum game, and everyone can lose. Such misanthropy just increases the amount of misery in the world for everyone.

    If you want to confuse intelligence with being pretentious, then go ahead. Use whatever justification you need to sleep at night, safe and sound that your primitive attempts at rationalisation are even close. As long as you are happy. Sooner or later, you will wake up and find yourself with nothing, and wonder what happened. Sooner or later, you will start getting mad and complaining about the issues we face in society. Then you will change your mind about the Occupy movement and the 99%. You might not agree with our methods – that’s fine. The Occupy movement and the camps is just one way of achieving the goal of change. But you will come to agree with the need for change – if you do not, you effectively forfeit any right to complain about society in the future as long as it continues along this course.

    I hope that anyone who knows you will have the courage to hold you to that decision.


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