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To the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Briggs


8th November 2017

To the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Briggs

Dear Mayor Briggs,

Re: The Jack the Ripper Museum, 12 Cable Street

We are writing to you concerning the above so-called ‘Museum’. You are, of course, aware of all the objections to the exploitation of sexual violence and brutality ghoulishly displayed in this dreadful place, and the effect the images and models of these dead women have on the family members who are descended from them.

“I think it’s a disgrace that even after over 100 years the victims are still given no dignity. It’s time to let them rest in peace and anonymity.”
– Michael, great-great grandson of victim Catherine Eddowes

After drawing your attention to the historical inaccuracies and inappropriateness of the Museum’s visage, notice was given to them that changes had to be made. However, we are not sure what changes were agreed by you, the TH Planning Department and the Museum, as nothing has changed apart from a new sign outside identical to the old one.

We have continued to protest outside this disgusting place ever since it opened, after it falsely promised to be the UK’s first women’s museum. Unfortunately, it is still there with no changes to its shop front or its content – further promises of introducing an ‘all female board’ to improve the exhibitions inside have also not materialised.

The fact that this place allows children in to view photographs of the mutilated bodies of working class women is very worrying. What does that say to male children about violence against women? That it is ok to view it as entertainment, with their bodies for all to be gaped at?

Recently there was a dreadfully violent attack on a 17 year old woman, who was raped five times in one evening. You came out with a statement condemning the attacks and agreeing that more needed to be done to protect women in Tower Hamlets. Can you not see that allowing this Museum to continue treating sexual violence as entertainment is a contradiction in your condemnation?

We would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss this serious matter and the fact the Museum is promoting violence against women by treating it as a ‘bit of fun’. In the meantime, and until the matter is resolved, we will continue our protests. The press have been unanimous in their disapproval of the Museum, and we are sure they would be happy to shine a further spotlight on the fact that the borough has taken no action against it.

We look forward to your response.


Alexandra Becker, Rachel Krengel, Jade Slaughter, Hannah Lawless, Jode Evans, Jane Nicholl, Sylvia Mann, Justine Fernandes, Kate Young, Helen Parsons, Francesca Gore, Jay-Jay Thomas, Sharon Borthwick, Lola James, Lisa Mackenzie, Yasmin Basith, Zoe Kennedy, Paulina Pattan, Amy Hodgson, Lizzie Marseille, Aysen Dennis.


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