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Thousands March Against Attack On Gaza


By Inka Stafrace

prostetPeople chanted and marched for 2.5 hours from Downing Street to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington to protest the latest Israeli military operation – Operation Protective Edge – in Gaza.

The death toll of OPE is now 307 Palestinians and 2 Israelis and 1 Bedoiun child (by a Hamas rocket). Israeli claims this operation is in direct response to the kidnapping and eventual killing of three Israeli teenagers.



Lie in at the anti war in Gaza protest 19 July 2014


3_Kidnapped_TeensThe teenage boys were kidnapped from Gush Etzion, an established and expensive settlement in the West Bank near Jerusalem . The Israeli military has publicly declared that Hamas committed this crime, although Hamas has not taken responsibility. Hamas usually claims ownership over its militant acts, so Israel’s reason (that Hamas is responsible) to justify their attack of Gaza, lacks credibility from multiple points of view.


Whether Hamas admits to it or not is clearly irrelevant to the Israeli military machine who have been pounding Gaza with air strikes since the 8th July 2014 and have recently sent in ground troops. The general sentiment of the protest is that Operation Protective Edge is collective punishment, which is a violation of International Law, aimed at innocent people for a crime neither they, not their fellow compromised leaders commited.

55,000 people at least marched today in London in a protest organized in part by the Stop The War Coalition.

Palestineprotest4 Attacks on Gaza are often reported in the mainstream media in a manner that infuriates Palestinian empathisers because the on going siege of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank are rarely mentioned although they are the underlying gross injustice that leads to random killings and attacks on Israelis by Palestinians.

In Gaza, 1.8 million people are effectively imprisoned in an area that is about 25 miles by 6 miles. They do not have control over their borders. Israel and Egypt who do have control do not allow movement through the land borders or more than 3km out to sea which effects the Gazans capability to fish and travel.  It is this situation that fuels the occasional rockets that fly from Gaza into random parts of Israel invariably causing little more than fear in the Israelis as they rarely hit targets because they are technologically inferior. Materials to make great bombs are unsurprisingly not allowed through the borders. In stark contrast , about every two years or so, the Israelis ‘retaliate’ with high tech drone shot missiles and ground operations  killing and maiming many people in Gaza and destroying schools, homes, municipalities and fundamental infrastructure. It is reported that Hamas is firing hundreds of missiles back at this stage.



Palestinian mourners pray over the bodies of 18 members of the Batsh family, after their house was destroyed by an Israeli air strike, 13 July 2014 . St


Four children killed in Gaza airstrikes July 16th 2014. Operation Protective Edge.



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Images are from the Guardian and Polly Tikkle iPhone!

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