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Thousands Expected to Meet the Movement at Occupy London Stock Exchange today


Thousands Expected to Meet the Movement at Occupy London Stock Exchange today
22 October 2011

  • Thousands expected at public assembly outside St Paul’s as support for Occupy London Stock Exchange swells
  • Clergy, financiers and public gather to support Occupy London Stock Exchange in their protest against injustice and inequality
  • Members of the clergy add their voices with people of London occupation as St Paul’s close their doors before evensong

Over a thousand people are expected to join the occupation (OccupyLSX)
based near the London Stock Exchange by St. Paul’s Cathedral to add their
voices to growing anger against the government and what people assembled
at the occupation call ‘an unsustainable system that is undemocratic and

To mark a successful first week at the heart of London’s financial centre,
OccupyLSX is inviting Londoners to visit the occupation on Saturday, to be
part of the movement that is challenging social and economic injustices in
the UK and around the world [1].

As members of the clergy gathered to attend even-song, one Church of England minister who approached the protesters said: “I just intended to come to Evensong and found myself attending the first political rally of my entire life, because the cathedral was
closed.  I read the letter from the dean(…). I agreed with what the
protesters were saying , that we need to work together and that there is
huge support within cathedral staff for what you are doing and what the
protest is about, and huge support from the Universal Church.”

After a week that has seen the size of the occupation grow considerably,
with numerous offers of support and donations from members of the public,
local business-people and city-workers, OccupyLSX anticipate a huge
turn-out on Saturday bringing people together from across the political
spectrum, united in the call for change.[2]

Gemma Edwards, who has been staying at OccupyLSX, comments: “People who
come together here are from all political persuasions.  We’ve seen
bankers and accountants coming here to show their recognition of a broken
economic system, getting involved and discussing the problems inherent
in our unsustainable financial system.  It is clear that we need
alternatives; and this is where we are working towards them.”

In only six days, the area outside the cathedral has become a
functional, organised space, with around 200 tents and at least 1,000
people in attendance each day for public meetings, educational workshops
and lively political debate.

Adam Weaver, an OccupyLSX volunteer adds: “This occupation has been able
to grow because of the donations from people who have identified with our message
and our search for positive solutions.”


Editors notes:

[1] OccupyLSX is part of 20 actions and occupations happening in towns and
cities across the UK and over 950 actions worldwide who came together for
a global day of action on October 15th, under the banner of “United For
Global Change” calling for real democracy. For more info on UK occupations
please see: http://www.occupybritain.co.uk/protest-details/
[2] Saturday’s programme includes a special public assembly and a teach-out from economists drawn from across the political spectrum.  The full list of events is given at www.occupylsx.org/?p=320


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