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This weekend's events including secret Corp of London teach out, rally for a just society & Sermon on Steps

Lots of stuff happening at Occupy London this weekend – at both the London Stock Exchange site by St Paul’s and at our Finsbury Square site. So we thought we better put together a quick list.
Saturday 5th November
  • 10.30am – Cairo activists: Egypt the revolution continues at Tent City University (TCU)- Talk by some activists from Cairo on the post-revolution problems
  • 12 midday St Paul’s – Sermon on the Steps at St Paul’s – Short gathering to talk about the issues that Occupy London is raising through its campaign for a more just and fair society. Includes invited guests across multiple faiths, beliefs and none. Specifically today will look at the topic of reform of spirituality. Speakers will talk for two minutes and members of the public may participate
  • 12 midday – Fighting Prejudice Against Children and Young People with Aoife Daily at TCU
  • 1pm – General assembly at St Paul’s – This is the forum through which members of the camp update the rest of the camp, make decisions through consensus voting. Members of the public welcome to get involved
  • 1.30pm – Teach-Out on the Privatisation of Public Space. Meet TCU to go to a secret location – A panel discussion on the privatisation of public space between Anna Minton, author of Ground Control, Agents Bristley Pioneer & Artwin from the Space Hijackers, a speaker from the Squash Campaign (Squatters Action for Secure Housing), and a member of Reclaim The Streets
  • 2pm – Rally for a just society – Marking our three week anniversary, we will be hosting a rally at St Paul’s Churchyard calling for a fairer, more just society. Beginning at 2pm, prominent speakers will advocate a range of progressive alternatives for the 99% who have been forced to help pay for a crisis that they did not create. After this people will be going to join the Jarrow marchers at Trafalgar Square. Speakers include: Caroline Lucas MP, John Pilger, Bruce Kent (CND), Seumas Milne (The Guardian), Kate Hudson (CND), Josie Long (UK Uncut/comedian), Aaron Kiely (NUS Black Students’ Campaign), Stef Newton (NUS LGBT Campaign & National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts), Weyman Bennett (Unite Against Fascism), Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition). More details at http://occupylsx.org/?p=776
  • 2pm – Tai Chi at Finsbury Square site
  • 7pm – General Assembly focusing on political discussion
  • 7pm – International democracy panel at TCU with Joel Lazarus, Claes Belfrage , Richard Seymour, Alex Callinicos
  • 7.30pm – Live music at St Paul’s
  • 8.30pm – Super top secret documentary premiere at TCU
Sunday 6th November
  • 11am Tent City University at St Paul’s – ‘Reflections: a media perspective’ – Three weeks into the occupation, deputy comment editor of the Guardian, Libby Brooks and special correspondent Audrey Gillan review mainstream media coverage of the occupation, reflecting on the challenges the movement faces in terms of courting positive media attention as well as the challenges the media face in reporting about a networked global movement that operates in an unorthodox way and cannot be defined in simple soundbites. There will also be other invited journalists
  • 1pm – General assembly – This is the forum through which members of the camp update the rest of the camp, make decisions through consensus voting. Members of the public are welcome to get involved
  • 2pm – 5pm – Cut cut copy shop for a new wor(l)d order at TCU – Delaina Haslam and Vyvian Raoul encourage word fans to come down and take part in this conceptual writing experiment. Conceptual writing is the art of taking that which has been written before – whether a paragraph, a sentence or a word – and creating something new out of it. Bring: a text of your choice connected in some way to OccupyLSX or the larger occupy movement
  • 2.30 – 4pm – Brian Leslie – financial reform (TCU)
  • 4pm – 6pm – The Corporate Governance of the Square Mile. John Christensen, Anthea Lawson and Rev. Taylor at TCU – John Christensen (Director of the Tax Justice Network), Anthea Lawson (Senior Investigator for Global Witness) and Rev. Taylor (formerly seated on the council for the Square Mile) will be talking about the governance of the Square Mile in terms of its corporate ties.
  • 5pm – 7pm Spanish political parties with the 15M Spanish movement at Finsbury Square
  • 7pm – General Assembly focusing on political discussion
  • 9-11.30pm – Cinema InTents: Z (1069) plus Death Of The Revolution (TCU)
[1] Facebook page for OccupyLSX https://www.facebook.com/occupylondon. Overall Occupy London twitter Occupy London hastag is #occupylondon. OccupyLSX Twitter is https://twitter.com/#!/OccupyLSX ; hashtag #occupylsx. Twitter for the new Finsbury Square site is https://twitter.com/#!/OccupyLFS; hastag #occupylfs. 
[3] Nearest tubes for the Occupy London Stock Exchange (OccupyLSX) site are St. Pauls, Mansion House and Canon Street; buses 4, 11, 15, 23, 25, 26, 100, 242; do check Transport For London website for delays and closures at http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/user/XSLT_TRIP_REQUEST2?language=en. Occupy London’s new site at Finsbury Square (OccupyLFS) is near Moorgate; buses 141, 153, 205, 21, 214, 43

43 Responses to “This weekend's events including secret Corp of London teach out, rally for a just society & Sermon on Steps”

  1. Off topic but can we have a proper forum please. If you really want to engage the whole public in debate you need to give those who can’t get to london a means of taking part.

  2. Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful day, and say how happy I am to read of your adventures. Wish we had such an organisation in Newcastle, but we’re doing our best! Good luck,

    in solidarity – Chris Easton

  3. HI, is it SWP day? German, Bennet, Seymour, Callinicos, and loads of fellow travellers…,

    Seriously, be careful OSLX folks, you are trying to create a new politics, a new movement is being born, don’t be co-opted by the un-reconstructed far left, some of us anti-globalisation veterans saw that with the European Social Forum, etc. You will have gifted speakers amongst yourselves let them speak!

    • Exactly, why no speakers from the “floor” of the Occupy movement ? Be yee not awestruck by the leftists amongst yee. I see the line-up does little to represent any middle ground & will I fear as a result surely alienate many would be supporters, I know that the groups represented go around colleges and union meetings gasping for support but to try to usurp the “occupy’ movement, which after all is a copycat of the Wallstreet demo is a little like cats chasing sour milk. Desist please & let the movement speak !!!!

      • I think you make a good point here ROGER,

        Cant say I am familiar with the ‘speakers’ in question due to lack of political interest for most of my life, so I have no bias to well bias me. Just sounds well reasoned, AND, the ‘occupy’ speakers I have seen on TV have mostly been quite eloquent I think.

    • In agreement ~ be true to what is being birthed within your own hearts and don’t let it be nobbled by anyone else’s fine-sounding arguments.

    • Having attended the event: all the speakers pledged their support for our Movement not the other way round. Although there is a lot of synergy!
      We interspersed the speakers with personal accounts from the Happy Campers that have been there since the beginning!

  4. A couple of points:

    1. I been watching these protests out of curiosity, not because I expected them to change or achieve anything, but really because I’m mindful to listen to the views of others whether I agree with them or not, I might even learn something, and means I can disagree on a informed basis and not just dismiss other people’s arguments. However, I’ve heard what pretty much what everyone on that list of speakers has to say and I can tell you now that they will alienate the vast majority of people – there is no representation from any part of the political spectrum bar the (ultra) far left. It speaks volumes that Caroline Lucas is the is the least left wing of the bunch. These people are socialist and communists, and just to give you an idea of just how mainstream their support is, check out the 2010 General Election results:

    Communist – 6 candidates, 947 votes, average vote per candidate = 23
    TUSC (including 2 SWP) – 41 candidates, 12,275 votes, average vote per candidate = 300

    To put that in perspective, a dying, outdated relic of the 70s and 80s the National Front managed an average of 634 votes per candidate over the 17 that stood.

    2. I’m very well versed in the campaigning tactics of both the far left and the far right and the internet has added a whole new dimension to this. So it didn’t surprise me when very “on-message”, even gushing comments started appearing on this website, and also when articles and whole pages started disappearing without explanation, especially when it was contentious or attracted negative comments. It is also very obvious that member Occupy are posting supporting comments on websites like the Mail and BBC, voting them up en mass and voting anything negative down. The BNP do the same thing by the way…

    • Communist – 6 candidates, 947 votes, average vote per candidate = 158. Post written in a hurry.

    • Yes, I suddenly noted that the “Guy Fawlkes” fun demo immediately ran aground once people pointed out that all speakers came from the “loony left”. Students in awe of “oldie 1980s lefties” is not an option, it is a recipe for disaster. Additionally I have been asking OAPs about the movement. They never heard of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you oncentrated far tooooo much effort on the net & hung everyone else out to dry ????

      • Careful what you say guys, these people are very sensitive and don’t like those people who do not support, wholeheartedly, their views!!

    • “These people are socialist and communists,”
      References please to that sweeping generalisation?
      No rush…

      • It’s been well referenced on other topics on this website. It is silly to not recognise where the speakers lie on the political spectrum and it is naive at best to think their presence won’t alienate the majority of people from this movement.

  5. Cameron to talk about ‘moral markets’. And who says we haven’t changed anything. Change is incremental even when it appears sudden. This is an acknowledgement, next comes admission, acceptance, then action. We are winning.

  6. As a sympathetic observer of Occupy London I am puzzled and becoming not a little concerned by its apparent lack of interest or focus on extremely significant and relevant developments in the EU.

    Certainly events in the Arab world are important too and provide inspiration and lessons for protesters in the West, but what is happening in the EU at the moment is absolutely critical to the world capitalist system (and the UK of course) and surely warrants far more attention and solidarity from Occupy London. It seems that some strange decisions are being made about what and who’s important – I wonder why!

    I’m sadly beginning to wonder if Occupy London is at risk of becoming an irrelevancy.

    • Hi Neil,
      Dont lose sympathy please,
      I sense your frustration, but they do not have enough power yet to affect decisions being made about the EU, the euro, the euro zone, etc. That power is still in the hands of ‘the powers that be’ is it not after all ?
      I am sure it is being discussed, just the scale of dealing with every single issue I would assume is beyond the small scale set up as it still is.
      I believe the movement is still in the stage of raising awareness and gaining interest in what they and I feel is wrong in the financial/political world, and that it is not far enough along to be able to form plausible and practical solutions. They need the likes of you and me, observers from a distance, to become more involved in helping to form these. Hang in there, the occupiers around the world are, I would like it to remain significant but I appreciate it may need patience.

      I think too many of the people who have dipped in to the current wave of campaigning especially on this website, are looking for QUICK FIX SOUND BITES, I am sure you will be well aware these are the ways of current politics, and I dont know how you feel about them but I see them as feeding the masses with as little detail as possible so as they will not GET too INVOLVED. I until now, and I am no spring chicken, have never been so involved in anything political because just like so many others I am sure, I just never felt I could make a difference and just basically let the politicians have their own way, mainly making themselves seem important and being puppets to the world of high finance. This ‘occupy’ movement thing has at least made me aware that governments have lost control to the those that govern money, and it is they who have lost control themselves now, hence the credit crunch, bailing out of banks, and now countries. I look at Greece and the way it is being handled; heaping debt which will never be repaid onto a debt that they cant already pay is just madness surely ?
      Its because money needs debt, to charge interest, which equals profit.

  7. Tony Benn on 4th November in front of St’ Paul’s
    “First they ignore you” , he tells his audience.

    “Then you are described as mad”

    “Then they send in the police and you are arrested for your pains. Later they will insist it was their idea all along”.

    Is it possible that he was talking about David Cameron jumped on a husky sledge?

    • Tony Benn is part of the 1% as you call them:

      A maverick socialist throughout a 49-year career during which he renounced his title, halved his doubled-barrelled name and removed his school from his Who’s Who entry, Tony Benn has now divested himself of his last status symbol — a £3million house at one of the best addresses in the country…

      …He has moved around the corner to a lavish block of apartments where a one-bedroom flat costs around £750,000.


      Just saying…

      • People of a fundamentalist disposition do seem to take this 99% figure literally.

      • Jim
        Come on please,
        Do you honestly think Tony Benn is amongst the ‘richest’ and most ‘powerful’ 1% ?

        Or are you just saying it for EFFECT !

        Just saying…………..to suggest such stuff is unfair, dont you think ?

        • human of planet earth

          I don’t know quite how you are defining the 1% and nor do I know the complete ins and outs of Tony Benn’s finances, however owning assets of £3M in the form of property would comfortably put you in the top 1% most wealthy people in the country.
          Polly Toynbee, who also spoke at Occupy St. Pauls, earns £100k+ per annum from the Guardian and more from TV and radio appearances, lives in a £1.5M house on a private road in London, and has property in Tuscany and Morocco. She is also part of the 1%.
          I begrudge neither of the above for their income or wealth but the fact that they both rock up and lecture on inequalities is tantamount to real life trolling.

          • I see so having a well paid job as well as drinking coffee 😉 now bars you from speaking about injustice?
            Get real…

          • Jim,
            I am no statistician (took me 3 attempts to spell that) but even the figures you just quoted i would hazard at a guess they are nowhere near the 1%, nearer than us admitted.


            I ALSO LIKE YOU, do not begrudge them, they like us are victims of circumstance and situation. Its not their fault they are financially more wealthy than me, and vice versa.

            And besides all this, not seen or heard of any bankers or corporate’s rocking up and voicing their views on inequality. We all have them after all dont we 🙂

      • What about the husky sledge? Anyone out there who can bring a husky sledge down to St Paul’s? Perhaps that will be the only way for Callmedave to turn up?

    • Brobof, it’s the occupy movement that has made this 99% / 1% distinction and demonised that 1%. You can’t then complain when someone points out that some of your supporters are part of that 1% you have, collectively, denounced.

      There is also a clear dissonance between on the one hand condemning a banker earning millions yet then praising a supporter who earns the same or more.

      • Are you a fundie? If not, I assume you understand the ideas of simile and metaphor.

        A £750k flat or a £1.5M house are hardly extreme in these inflationary times. I don’t know if these figures are true, or if they put the owners in the top 1% of the country (which I doubt). Frankly, I couldn’t be bothered to go looking for the figures.

        Naomi Wolf, in today’s Observer, has another definition of the 1%:

        “The conflict is no longer between right and left, but between the “one per cent” – a corporatocracy that, without transparency or accountability, is claiming the lion’s share of the planet’s resources and capital, while disregarding democratic processes – and, well, the rest of us.”

        A “corporatocracy”.


        • “individuals in the top 1% of the population each possessing total household wealth of £2.6m or more.”

          From the Guardian, Jan 2010

          • Caught me bang to rights. OK, let’s make it 0.932194%. Bearing in mind, of course, that 61.6285827% of statistics are made up.

          • Is that just what they hold in the uk OFFICIALLY or does it include those that have all their ‘wealth’ in ‘off-shore tax havens’ I wonder !
            All perfectly ‘legal’ of course, but then who cares about morally legal ?
            DO YOU ?

          • Let’s not get hung up about the exact figure, “the 1%” is a phrase that represents the elite that run the corporatocracy (great word!), not the top percentile of any particular statistical analysis.

  8. Some more thoughts of a financial nature – if someone was to donate money via the London Camp for Climate Action bank account how do I know that it’ll actually go to the Occupy St. Pauls protest and not London Camp for Climate Action? Who controls the bank account and how does Occupy access money donated in its name?
    If someone wanted to donate money in person at St. Pauls, who should they give it to? Could they get a receipt? Who looks after cash? How do you ensure that it is kept safe? How do you stop people from just pocketing the cash? Can you publish all income and expenditure statements along with receipts on this website? Who makes spending decisions?

    Oh yeah, where are the rest of the GA minutes?

    • See links above.

      • None of the links above answer my questions and there are only two sets of GA minutes available, the one from the 17th October heavily redacted compared to when it was first posted. So have there only been to GAs and if not, where are the rest of the minutes?

  9. Heya! I just posted a fil on youbute about the Tent University.


    I hope it will be useful for you. I am talknig a lot about you guys in Romania and hoping to generate a change in spirits here too.



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