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Saturday – Occupy London presents NOT the Lord Mayor’s Show – a festival for the people

  • Unveils plans for the ‘NOT the Lord Mayor’s Show’, as a response to the power of the undemocratically elected Lord Mayor of the City of London. Speakers include occupiers, David Harvey (City University of New York) and John McDonnell MP, plus host of performers.
  • In an addition to the traditional ceremonies of the day, the Occupy London camp and people in attendance will be blessed by Rt Revd Michael Colclough, Canon in Residence from St Paul’s Cathedral after the blessing of the new Lord Mayor.


This Saturday 12th November, the City of London Corporation will be inaugurating the new Lord Mayor of the City of London with his traditional procession through the City. This year, that procession will still culminate in its usual form, with the Rt Revd Michael Colclough, Canon in Residence from St Paul’s Cathedral, performing the traditional blessing of the new Lord Mayor on the south side of the Cathedral at noon.

After the Lord Mayor’s Pageant has passed, there will be an additional blessing, with the Rt Revd Michael Colclough then coming to the main steps of the Cathedral to bless the OccupyLSX camp and attendees.

NOT the Lord Mayor’s Show
From 3pm onwards, OccupyLSX will be hosting the NOT The Lord Mayor’s Show, a festival for the people, which aims to place the celebratory atmosphere of the traditional event in a non-hierarchical and community-focused environment. In keeping with Occupy London’s inclusive mission, the occupation is inviting all those attending the Lord Mayor’s Show to join the Occupy London event once the traditional festivities are over.

Jenny Harding, a supporter of OccupyLSX said: “We will not have golden carriages, we will not have military costumes, we will not have a marching band, but we are going to enjoy ourselves. This is about valuing people and community, rather than privileging the undemocratically elected Lord Mayor of the City of London.”

The NOT The Lord Mayor’s Show will kick off with performances by comedians, spoken word artists and others, all compered by acclaimed stand-up comedian Andy Zaltzman, with performers including:

  • Dean Atta
  • Chris T-T
  • Matt Dyson
  • Beans on Toast
  • Javier
  • The Clouded Silver and the Occupation Band

Performances will be followed by a special assembly, at which the following speakers have been confirmed:

  • Voices from the Occupation
  • Bell Ribeiro-Addy, One Society Many Cultures
  • Varinder Singh, Sikhs against the EDL
  • John McDonnell MP
  • Chris Philpott, Author of Green Spirituality
  • David Harvey of the City University of New York, who will be holding an impromptu teach-in (a short lecture followed by a question and answer section and structured discussion).

Occupy London expect to confirm further performers and speakers, which will be announced on the @occupylsx twitter feed.

[1] The Occupation, announced on November 8 three demands for greater transparency from the City of London Corporation, all of which were ratified by the General Assembly based at St Paul’s:
1. Publish full, year-by-year breakdowns of the City Cash account, future and historic.
2. Make the entirety of its activities subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
3. Detail all advocacy undertaken on behalf of the banking and finance industries, since the 2008 financial crash.


31 Responses to “Saturday – Occupy London presents NOT the Lord Mayor’s Show – a festival for the people”

  1. Calling all members and supports of Occupy LSX – go protest somewhere else! Nobody wants your shanty town in the centre of London and although you have a few supports you represent less than 1% off the UK population!

    • Here here! But first lets get rid of the homeless, the poor, the sick, the unemployed – in fact anyone who is an eyesore to the noble and privileged city worker. Absolute disgrace that these city workers are confronted by these parasites of society! Maybe we could drive them all underground. Or at the very least arrest them all.

      • Or how about shoot them all ~ that should do it!

        The duplicate comment below should have been posted here.

        • An old sketch by Kenny Everett comes to mind ~ “Round ‘em up, put ‘em in a field and bomb the bastards!”

          Again, the duplicate below was meant to be here.

  2. Or how about shoot them all ~ that should do it!

  3. An old sketch by Kenny Everett comes to mind ~ “Round ’em up, put ’em in a field and bomb the bastards!”

  4. Only problem with shooting these losers is that it can get a bit messy. We would probably need to drive them underground to a secret location first. I have a dear and noble friend who works in the city who has actually had to change coffee shops he is so disgusted at the very sight of these parasites! I think we should get the military in to cordon off the city and run credit and clothing label checks before letting anyone into the “city”. How dare these underclasses disturb the city workers manicured life style!

    • Not to mention checks to determine when they last showered or washed their hair!

      • … and the thought of dirty underwear ~ heaven forbid!

  5. @Pat – its nice and peaceful here in Canary Wharf 😉

    • noble and privileged city worker
    • Quite right too. Canary Wharf is a shining example to us all. Canary wharf would not stand for these cockroaches polluting their scenery. And they manage it without military intervention. If only all Canary Wharf workers also lived onsite (well, excluding cleaners and the like), with their own personal airport (I think some of the cities finest have already taken this idea up). That way they would never have to be confronted by any of these rats that poor St Pauls has to deal with. It is a fine example that should be followed by all city workers everywhere. How is humanity supposed to progress with these underclasses polluting the city workers environment with their presence!

      • @Pat – you’re right! Get these lazy campers out of St Pauls. Canary Wharf is indeed a nice peaceful place! Lovely really! Glad that we don’t have a squaters’ shanty town here.

        Lazy, stupid, extremist anarchists get out of the UK!!! Pack up your tents and leave.


        Just want to add some emphasis here….

        OOOORRRRRR………….. if you really do represent the 99%, which you obviously do not, form a political party and run in the next election. You will soon see how small a minority you. I would mention why you are such a minority, but I’ve done it elsewhere and I basically can’t be bothered repeating myself. The movement is ridiculous and a waste of time. If you’re so in to democracy then show it by getting people to vote. Otherwise, stop complaining and pack up your tents!

        • “We’re in agreement that the current system is undemocratic and unjust.” That would include the current Westminster set-up. And of course there is NO CHANCE of getting elected to the Corporation of London is there?

        • “if you really do represent the 99%, which you obviously do not, form a political party and run in the next election. ”

          I think you mean ‘stand’. Or are you just a sad American trying to troll the thread?

  6. 😀

    • So have I! 🙂

  7. Pat, does your hatred extend to the low-waged city worker who is equally fed up with the camp? We are the 99% and the local community. That you claim to represent us without asking us first is infuriating, not to mention undemocratic.
    from a city worker who has never received a manicure or a bonus 🙂

    • If you can’t afford a successful city workers lifestyle then technically you don’t actually exist and so your opinions and comments are worthless. Go crawl back into whatever hole you underprivileged inhabit. We in the city do not want to see or hear you. Losers!

      • If by city worker you actually mean banker or stock exchange trader then, no, their lives are unaffected apart from having exclusive access to Paternoster Square and Sainsbury’s. The protesters should storm the barricades at Paternoster Square and occupy the right building.

  8. They speak their views,but don’t like your views if different to theirs.

  9. You so called “protestors” are nothing more than rats and cockroaches. You are terrorists who represent nobody! All the people love the city workers! The people will come out in large numbers to rally for the city workers! The people love the city! You rats and cockroaches must be exterminated! The people LOVE the CITY! All you hear against the city is nothing more than lies and propaganda made up by the evil crusties! The real people will rise up against these terrorists and have them hanged for treason!

    • Pat - The People's man serving the city for 40 years
    • Pat, I get your sarcasm! Keep it up! It’s extreme but nothing more extreme that the mental claims that the Canvas Corps are shouting about. I know you’re being sarcastic, but yes, GET THE HIPPIES OUT OFF ST. PAUL’S.

      P.S. I would actually rather they get out of the UK!

  10. Interesting discourse going on here, all of it; productive, useful, fulfilling, rewarding and very insightful. Thank you for your contribution.

  11. I wish I could be there tomorrow. Have fun!

    Any chance of an online video?

  12. I have no problem with the ‘smell’ or ‘sight’… rich and poor should rub shoulders together… but ugh, the name “the people” sounds so patronising. Make it sound more grand, like “a festival for the nation!”.

  13. Why are so many of the people supporting the protest so hateful? City workers are decent and hard working and very few are on big bonuses. Of those that do get paid well, many were not directly responsible for the crisis, were not born ‘posh’, and put in 60 hour weeks for twenty years, making major sacrifices before getting big money. Footballers get paid much more for kicking a ball around and cheating on their wives. Spend one day at a bank headquarters and I guarantee most of these angry hateful people wouldn’t feel the same, and would see that it’s not a bunch of greedy privileged layabouts with the attitudes that some pretend to think they hold. Simply don’t understand the vitriol and hateful sarcasm.

    • I haven’t really found anyone who is actually hateful towards city workers. When I turn up in my suit people are very welcoming. I think the problem is with the institutions not the people working in them.

      • Yes, I agree that at the actual protest, people are not hateful – I’ve spoken to a few and they seemed like nice people keen to make their point (I even managed to clear up a few misconceptions they had about banking, as there is a LOT of misunderstanding). On many of the comment boards though, it’s a different story, and there is a lot of hate, prejudice and bigotry flying around about “bankers”. So when I said “many of the people supporting…” I meant those on the Internet not at St Paul’s. I’m sure most of the protesters would be quick to disown them!

  14. Even glancing at the sarcastic, dismissive or hateful comments on here takes time, alas. A child dies of hunger every five seconds. I’m sure most readers of this page would rather feed starving youngsters than voracious egos.

    There are other reminders of the differences between right and wrong on this webiste – http://marcusmoore.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/occupying-the-mind-8/


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