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This is for my men out there by an Occupy Sister


This is for my men out here by an Occupy Sister

This is for my men out there. Femmes, it’s triggering. I’ve been having hard triggering arguments with the men in my life about scenes like this since I was about 16. I had already experienced my first assaults by then. This is the first time a man has ever ever in my life done the emotional labour to see it, explain it and change himself. Let alone speak out. If all the men in my life, friend and family, hard core leftys, so called feminists, “liberals”, educated and not so, who said they had my back, that they’d injure the fucker who ****, that they’d stand up for the women in their lives against violence, that they loved me or cared, that they’d go to prison to defend me against violators (too late love, it was always going to be too late), did this much work in themselves the world would be a better place. I would have been safer. We would all be safer.

I can’t emphasise that enough. Don’t speak out with regret, shock, anger or remorse. Spend the next decades of your life digging out the rot, ask questions, listen, believe, study, observe, talk about it, write about it, DO THE LABOUR. YOU’RE TIRED OF FEMINISM? IM MORE TIRED OF HAVING TO BE A FEMINIST. Promise you. I don’t wanna be angry or scared. I wanna be your mate, but are you really safe? Have you done the labour?

P.S. as a privileged white lady I’m trying to do exactly the same thing on other socially constructed nightmares: class, race, gender, ability, heck yes even misogyny. We all got shit to work on if we wanna just not be dick heads! I commit to the next lifetime of labour/growth, please do too.

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