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This is Christmas and what have you done…



This is Christmas and what have you done… by Tina Louise Rothery

That line “And so this is Christmas and what have you done…” is in my head and I thought I’d post a little something before I head off to family time. Then I started thinking about stuff that has happened since last year… then I realised I don’t have the time for this lol – it would take more than a year to think it all through!

The adventures, the places and most impactful of all (as is always the case) – has been the humans along the way… the seasoned activists & the overwhelmed newcomers alike, all powering each other on in this relentless drive for the things we know to be more important than anyone’s ‘economy’.

The freezing camps, the long marches, too many coach & train journeys to recall, the warm receptions, the spikey confrontations, the ugly politics, the valued & vital posts of love, support (and even cats & sunsets that blissfully distract!)… and the hugs of solidarity that are the uniquest of all hug-types and maybe – the most satisfying. Hugs that say “I know it’s not easy, I know it seems endless – but it is what it is and it has to be done. But I’m here too and we’ll get through this.”

It is a sharp realisation to know that going back to acceptance, is not possible or even an option.

To those who got us through this 5th year of NO FRACKING YET!!!! and all who fight for justice, the NHS, for peace, for Palestine, for refugees,for Zane, for education, for care for our elders, for renewables, for fairness, for truth – we are all on the same road, powered by ourselves and our honourable purpose… thank you for being the best company along the way and for all you do that adds to the movement that we are; I have learnt and felt more than I knew possible.

Namaste <3



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