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The Radical Left General Assembly


When: 6:30pm Thursday, May 14th

Where: SOAS, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL

The election has proved that Social Democracy is dead.

Our aspiration is to facilitate the creation of a new movement or network of the Radical Left. We want the form of this to be worked out, in debate and in practice. But we have some preliminary ideas we would like to share in advance of Thursday’s meeting. We envisage:

• A movement made up of independent activist groups which retain their autonomy but work together to support each other’s campaigns and plan joint action.

• A movement rooted in real campaigns and struggles, especially those in which the people themselves organise to fight back against injustice and oppression.

• A movement that fights together on every issue – on unemployment and unaffordable rents, on fracking and climate change, on tuition fees and student debt, on the gentrification of our communities, on the privatisation of the NHS, on the militarisation and racism of the police, on the criminalisation of the homeless and the poor, and so many more.

• A movement structured and controlled democratically, from below, but with a loose federal structure which can accommodate an expanding number of independent radical groups and assemblies within it.

• A movement united around a broad but comprehensive set of anti-capitalist aims, these to be formulated by the constituent groups, but agreed by general assemblies.

• A movement which aims to unite the broadest possible number of people in active struggle against the system.

Brick Lane Debates
May 2015



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