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The Occupiers at Tarpaulin Square. 23rd October 2014.


I had a chat with some of the Occupiers at Tarpaulin Square. Occupy Democracy at Parliament Square and these videos are the result.

Brief Update

0203hours BST: Chat with Rosie of Reclaim The Power

0300hours BST: Chat with Shah and Nina. Stop the War Coalition and Counterfire. Young people fighting for the environment and social justice.

0318hours: Harrassment starts. Heritage Wardens H19 and H21.

0342hours BST: Visitor from Christian Peacemaking Team. John just came back from Palestine. He had to walk an hour to visit us. Then he had to walk back for his train.

0400hours BST: Holly from the SpeakNetwork. Grassroots Network of young activist Christians.

0408hours BST. Shoutout to Lowkey and Akala.



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Occupier at OccupyLSX Camp. Then an Occupy Nomad. The revolution will be Livestreamed.

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