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The Nightmayor Before Christmas

Les outside Mayor Boris  Johnson's house.

Les outside Mayor Boris
Johnson’s house.

A small protest expressing dismay at the tenure of a Mayor who we see
as representing interests of corporatocracy rather than those of most

Dear “nightmayor” before Christmas, we deliver thìs card as you “deliver” a London for the ‘one per cent’-a pseudo-Monaco for an obscenely rich cabal of toffs mugging us off; robbin hoods, urinating copiously in the faces of the ‘plebs’.

You have displayed repeatedly your class hatred, as you preside over a regime extolling the outdated, perverted doctrine of greed, groveling to Mammon and to Hell (or Hull) with those who won’t. Like your ‘chums” in govt, you are intent on dismantling the welfare state at a rate that would shame Usain Bolt – the mantra-privatisatìon; privation the result.

Embark on an agenda of rebranding (blandification), you threaten us with loss of home/income if we raise heads above parapet. A social housing buiding programme is shunned in favour of hubristic, phallic towers of steel and glass, hated gated communities…exciting investment opportunities for ….


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