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The House of Commons by Frances Leader.



Made the mistake of hopefully watching the Labour Party placing their questions to DWP bosses Ian Duncan Smith & his partner in crime, Esther McVey today in the House of Commons.
I was waiting for someone to ask them:

“Are you aware that more than 50,000 people took to the streets of London to object to your austerity policies on Saturday?”

No-one even mentioned it.

The pair of them failed to answer any questions adequately – simply trotting out their usual false figures & claims of recovery, liberally peppered with egotistical digs about having improved the situation they inherited from the previous administration.

I despair – not only of the weak & ineffective opposition raised by the Labour Party but also the crass indifference to the extremes of poverty & despair that these fascist Tories are inflicting upon the weakest & most vulnerable of our citizens.

Oh yeah…. and if I hear that over-used spincraft “hard working families” once more, slipping into every slimy sentence slithering out of the fat overfed slugs that steal from the poor to feed the salivating selfish scumbags that are the 1% – I shall split a spleen with FURY!! — feeling annoyed.

Reclaim your Democracy. Reclaim your Parliament.
Occupy Parliament Square October 17th 2014.


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