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The English Revolution, the #PutneyDebates2012 and the making of the British Constitution


Sunday 28 October
Venue: Putney Station pub, 94-98 Upper Richmond Road, SW15 2SP
Real Democracy
2 pm – The English Revolution, the Putney Debates and the making of the British Constitution
with the Occupy Real Democracy working group

These debates are brought to the people by Occupy London for FREE – but if you can afford it, please help us cover the cost of the venues:

4 pm – What would real democracy look like? with John McDonnell MP

Venue: St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, Putney
8 pm Light shining in Buckinghamshire
A rehearsed reading and discussion of Caryl Churchill’s 1976 play, which looked at the events of the English Revolution.
The second half of the play focuses on the conflict within the New Model Army between the senior officers (the Grandees) and the Agitators, who stood for the interests of the ordinary men and women.
The Putney Debates reached their peak when a document called ‘An Agreement of the People’, prepared by those who wanted a democratic republic, was presented to the General Council of the Army.


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