The climate change threat and one million climate jobs: Marquee 2.


Despite the government’s rhetoric on climate change, our emissions continue to increase. The speakers will suggest that investment in climate jobs, renewables and associated research is not only essential in itself but offers a way out of the recession too. The discussion will move on to ways to strengthen links between the environmental and the anti-austerity movements, with reference to topics including developing renewable energy sources, tackling fuel poverty and constructing an integrated transport system including fully nationalised railways.

Featuring: Charles Secrett, Chris Baugh (PCS), Manuel Cortes (TSSA), Caroline Lucas (Green Party)
Chair: Romayne Phoenix

Introduction from Caroline Lucas MP:

Start: Charles Secrett and Caroline Lucas (Green Party MP)

Chris Baugh (PCS), Manuel Cortes (TSSA)

Questions and Answers

Comments: John Sinha (OL) and Manuel Cortes (TSSA)

Discussion complete livestream.

Comment: Ewa from No Dash for Gas and Reclaim the Power



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