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The Breaking the Frame, by Pete Deane.


The Breaking the Frame gathering, which took place on 2-5th May 2014 is a step towards creating a new politics of technology. The gathering brought together campaigns on the technology politics of food, energy/climate/ environment, work/economics/austerity, the military, the internet, surveillance health and gender, as well as trade unionists, radical scientists, artists and developers of alternative technologies. The aim is to learn from each other and to build a new network, to strengthen campaigns and make issues about technology more central in radical movements. See http://www.breakingtheframe.org.uk/.

Amongst the principles of a new critical discourse on technology are:

· Opposition to technologies that are ‘hurtful to Commonality’ (i.e. to the common good, including the environment) and to ‘technofixes’ for social problems
· Support for technologies that help to satisfy real human needs and empower the powerless e.g. some renewable energy technologies
· Technology should be developed under democratic control, rather than under the control of private interests and the military

Issues discussed at Breaking the Frame included:

· What does a critical politics of technology mean in the 21st century: democratic control or ‘low technology’?
· History of industrial society and environmental crisis; challenging the concept of progress through technology
· Experiences in different campaigns and struggles
· Alternative visions of social and technological development, and the transition to a sustainable and socially just society.

Clip 1 of 10, Danny Chivers, No Dash For Gas – Reclaim The Power

Clip 2 of 10, Gail Chester, The Feminist Library

Clip 3 of 10, Stuart Parkinson, Scientists For Global Responsibility

Clip 4 of 10, Alan Brooke, Huddersfield Luddites200

Clip 5 of 10, Simon Fairlie, The Land magazine

Clip 6 of 10, Helena Paul, Econexus

Clip 7 of 10, Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper magazine

Clip 8 of 10, Uri Gordon Anarchy Alive.

Clip 9 of 10, Dave King, Luddites200

Clip 10 of 10, Theo Simon, Stop Hinkley C



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