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The Bigger the Bribe, The Bigger the Lie. By Vanessa Vine.



The annual reports of the British Geological Survey show that it is not averse to receiving funding from the oil and gas industry. Similar wild claims of recoverable shale reserves in California were this week exposed as being 96% overhyped .. and the Monterey shale boom is now bust.

Why does an industry that purports to be an innocuous employment panacea and silver bullet for everybody’s economy, feel the need – via invested government – to bribe Councils and Communities not to oppose its operations?

~Vanessa Vine.

Does anybody need to ask themselves why industry/government waited until the day after the elections to announce “huge shale oil reserves” in the Weald .. and £800,000 bribes to Councils to accept fracking in Communities?



Meridian ITV News 23rd May


Guardian report on the Monterey shale scam – with #FrackDealers’ lackey Nick Grealy specifically publicly exposed as the charlatan we have always known him to be:

“… the star of the North American show is barely on most people’s radar screens. California shale will… reinvigorate the Golden State’s economy over the next two to three years.”

– Nick Grealy, No Hot Air (yes that’s what he really calls himself) employee of Cuadrilla.


This sort of hype triggered “a speculation boom among oil companies” according to the LA Times.

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