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 #frackoff #balcombe at The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining

#frackoff #balcombe at The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining


Original callout for demo:

The European Shale Gas & Oil Summit 2013 is a two-day conference, exhibition and networking event covering the latest developments, strategies and opportunities within unconventional gas exploration across Europe.

This reads. How to Frack with the countryside and they will be discussing how best to ensure the taxpayer gets to pay for their polluting in the end.

According to iGas Energy, UK geology is so unique and UK Regulatory Controls so stringent, that whatever problems have occurred elsewhere, will not happen here!!

Ian R. Crane chatting to some of the delegates:
Some 20 Balcombe Protectors attempted to engage with delegates at the European Shale Gas conference in Central London today. The Big Lemon bus, with an exhibition of anti-frack artwork on display, was able to park right outside the entrance of the Institute of Mining, where the event was being hosted. For an industry that constantly brags of a desire for ‘transparency’, few of the delegates were prepared to divulge either their names nor whom they represented. Of the few that did engage, the most obnoxious was a real piece of work by the name of Nick Grealy, proprietor of Shale Gas consultants ‘No Hot Air’. Mr Grealy ably demonstrated that his company name is a misnoma, with his parting comment being, “If it’s good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for me.”

At the other end of the spectrum was John Britton, Director of ‘Renewables Network’. John engaged in calm debate with a group of about six protectors for at least 30mins, readily acknowledging that the UK Shale Gas industry has a PR nightmare to overcome! That might be an understatement!!

Grealy was so wound up, his lip was quivering as he trotted out the same paliatives as we hear from all the apologists; including, “There has never been a proven case of contam …. blah, blah, blah.” At which point he ran for cover!

It was interesting to hear a few delegates (and even a staff member of the event organisers Charles Maxwell) acknowledge that in the interest of balance, the anti-fracking community should have been given the opportunity to participate in the event!

From Geraldine:
Not quite – but close enough, Ian. Too close for comfort! He (Grealy) was sitting a few seats over from me at the Unfracked conference in Brussels a couple of weeks ago, with a buddy of his. He screamed out at one of the speakers at one stage saying he was lying. He looked downright grumpy throughout the conference. He looked none too happy right before either as all the happy fractivists went round hugging and kissing each other. I’ve never seen anyone more miserable in my life to be honest. I didn’t want to talk to him. I’ve seen how rude and insulting his tweets are and that’s quite enough for me! I don’t engage with the man at all, not even on Twitter. I think he is best ignored, as he seems to thrive on attention.

Livestream coverage from Dan Cole:



BALCOMBE COMMUNITY WISHLIST: For those who are visiting the camp and would like to bring in supplies.




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