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BBC omit to mention LCC leader Geoff Driver arrested in fraud probe?

BBC omit to mention in this report that Geoff Driver who occupies a senior post at Lancashire County Council is currently under investigation for financial fraud.
We have you surrounded Cuadrilla.
Mr. Driver we have you in check. Watch this space…

Cuadrilla ‘getting away’ with fracking rig breach
Police deny facilitating fracking drill operation[…]

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KatrinaL Arrested at PNR on 04082017

KatrinaL Arrested at PNR on 04082017
Didn’t believe it until I saw the live stream. This is something that is becoming a habit due to the ridiculous arrests police are making to try and whittle down the protectors numbers…
1. Someone arrested for swearing (laughed out of court)
2. Someone arrested for a cigarette end[…]

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TinaLouise PNR LockOn1 02082017 0939hours

In Lancashire every day brave determined individuals are standing up to the abuse of power by the state. (Or rather, lying down, and locking on to each other.)
The people of Lancashire said no to fracking.
Greedy, arrogant, ignorant (police protected) politicians in Westminster then send the police in, to protect the would-be frackers, the[…]

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The Lock-On Song

The Lock-On Song by Tim Williams

The people have said no you know
And that’s how it’s gotta be.
You stand there in your power
It’s a moment of destiny.
You simply will not let them
Desecrate the earth
You know you cannot let them
Release their deadly curse.
Something deep inside of you

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My boots are muddy and my hands are scuffed

wrote something about the last month… by Beau Nafyde
My boots are muddy and my hands are scuffed,
my taste is scruffy and my state is tough,
my face is bloody and my place is rough,
none of that matters nothing because I got love.
You can have millions in the bank and fancy jewels,[…]

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We can’t stop this industry by just locking-on or jumping on trucks by TinaLouiseUK

We can’t stop this industry by just locking-on or jumping on trucks by Tina Louise Rothery

We can’t stop this industry by just locking-on or jumping on trucks – BUT we don’t stand a chance at all, if we don’t take direct action. Since fracking companies started threatening our communities over 6 years ago… we[…]

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Lorry surfing, Richard’s story in his own words

Lorry surfing, in a surfer’s own words.
I’m free! I have my phone back and I’m heading down to London this weekend. Lancs police gave me a nice hot shower, tea, cottage pie, smiles, a warm place to sleep for a while and asked me to rate my stay on TripAdvisor 🙂 oh and these[…]

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Orchestral Maneuvers at PNR

Orchestral Maneuvers at PNR…
Had to take a few hours of pause away from Preston New Road… re-charging all that is running low on what’s needed to proceed; from phones and laptops, to self. I haven’t caught up with changes since I left before lunch – there were still four mighty truck surfers holding trucks[…]

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That’s Lancashire video about PNR Fracking with Tina Louise Rothery

From 11/07/2017
Tina Louise Rothery interview regarding the protection camp set up against Cuadrilla poisoning the water supply in Lancashire.
Lancashire Police have drafted in officers from other forces to launch a 24-hour operation at the fracking site in Fylde.
Current £450,000 tax payers’ money ([per month) budgeted for the Police to act as Cuadrilla[…]

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