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Surprise thank you gig for Occupy London with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Massive Attack & Tim Goldsworthy


Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Massive Attack’s 3D & Tim Goldsworthy of UNKLE played a surprise thank you gig last night at Occupy London in support of the global movement for social and economic justice.

Occupy London’s alternative UBS office Xmas party featuring poets, dancers and comedians was joined by some very special anti-corporate entertainment in the basement of the Bank of Ideas building on Sun Street – an abandoned former office block near Liverpool Street belonging to investment bank UBS. Ironically, UBS was holding its actual Christmas party just down the road from the intimate gig.

Occupy London recently took over the multimillion pound office complex in an act of “public repossession.” Now a thriving arts and community centre used by more than 30 groups, the Bank of Ideas is facing potential eviction. A decision will be delivered this morning at 10am in Court 36 at the Royal Courts of Justice. The Bank of Ideas legal team are hopeful, but they have appeal papers ready and have advised police against rash action.

The exclusive DJ sets were played to an audience of Occupiers and livestreamed around the world via the Occupy London livesteam. The performances have been recorded for an album and HD video, to be made available to help raise money for Occupy London and the wider Occupy movement. Both will soon be available on a “pay what you want” basis from the Occupation Records label.

Adam Fitzmaurice, an Occupy London supporter who helped to arrange the event said: “Thom Yorke, 3D & Tim Goldsworthy wanted to do something to show their solidarity and say a big thank you to Occupy London and the Occupy movement around the world. Their intervention is an important cultural response to the economic injustice that is happening and will hopefully help ensure that more people join the fight. This is just the beginning: we’ve a raft of live performances in store, so now is the time to be involved!”

Massive Attack recently launched a Soundcloud page – Occupy Radio – with mixes and tracks from artists inspired by the global Occupy movement. Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja ‘D said: “We did some mixes in support of the Occupy London movement. We don’t see it as left versus right or anarchy versus order. But people taking action and applying pressure on a problem that politicians are unable to fix as they are also the shareholders.”

Artists including The Strokes (Albert Hammond Junior) and Babyshambles have already created playlists for Occupy Radio, with many more to come.

Saturday 10 December – Day of artistic expression

Occupy London has called for a day of artistic expression this Saturday 10 December. Painters, sculptors, gardeners, designers or rebellious souls with something to say, are all invited to come to Occupy London to make the three occupations – at St Paul’s Churchyard, Finsbury Square and Bank of Ideas – their canvases.

Occupy London said: “Unleash your creativity on our occupation! We want banners, paintings, crazy designs, writings, colourful posters or just surprise us. Children and families are especially welcome. This occupation is about many things but at its heart it’s all about love. Love for each other and our troubled world. Come and help turn Occupy London into an expression of that love.”

Thursday 15 December – Occupy Everywhere

On December 15, will mark two months since the start of Occupy London. Now it’s time to occupy everywhere. Occupy London is joining with occupations across the UK and Ireland to call for a National Day of Action. Occupy workplaces, banks and universities. Occupy the streets – Occupy Everywhere.


6 Responses to “Surprise thank you gig for Occupy London with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Massive Attack & Tim Goldsworthy”

  1. There has been a lot of talk since last night and continuing today about the secrecy of the event last night. Full-time occupiers, living at St. Paul’s or Finsbury Square for weeks, some in multiple working groups, were not aware of the event last night. This seems undemocratic and unfair. It should be inclusive. There is even talk that there is an internal secret 1% that is governing OccupyLondon. Some people think the secrecy tactic was divisive and will cause resentment, if it hasn’t already. An explanation in the least is necessary, if not a public apology. Most realize the logistics that might have required secrecy, but for those that have worked hard on site for 6 weeks sleeping in London’s cold streets, they wonder why even they weren’t included. Can this please be brought up at the evening GA tonight?

  2. As an occupier on the FRONT LINE at St Paul’s from day one I have to say how utterly disappointed I and my fellow occupiers are that we were neither told about this event nor invited. You say these groups turned out to say thank you to the occupiers but yet they played at the Bank of Ego’s to a minority WHO DON’T EVEN STAY AT St PAUL’s. This snub to the REAL occupy protesters has done NOTHING except de moralise us. It would have been so much better if you had recognized OUR dedication to the movement and what we are trying to highlight and achieve for it is WE who bear the cold & wet EVERY day and night. It was a shameful display of ELITISM by the Occupy London hierarchy . pfft

    • People did go down to both St Paul’s and Finsbury to let people know and spread the word.

  3. Big Society (ska/punk/folk) of Oxford should be checked out on above website or Bandcamp.
    Tommo of Big Society would have some interesting views on Occupy movement world wide!! How about someone video interview him?


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