#StopG8 Carnival of Capitalism. 11/06/2013



The Carnival of Capitalism unfortunately. started with a raid on the convergence space of the StopG8 group.

Throughout the day featured heavy handed police presence, due to the protestors having the temerity not to ask permission to protest.

We will update this more later.

The various livestreamers for the Carnival of Capitalism:

John on LBC Radio.

Jamie Kelsey-Fry on Channel 4 News.

Up in the roof
The blackshirts came
They lacked honour
They had no shame

They attacked the unready
There was no alarm
Only the sound of their footsteps
Slicing through our calm

They came like robots
As if it was war
They came like a toxic pool of tar
Spreading around our door

They were violent and nasty
They mocked and laughed
Our home was ruined
Our safety trashed

We only want freedom
A good world for all
And that’s what we yelled
As they climbed down the walls


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