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Statement regarding resignation of Reverend Canon Dr Giles Fraser


We are deeply moved to hear that Giles Fraser has resigned. He is man of great personal integrity and our thoughts are with him.

From the moment, Occupy London arrived at St. Paul’s Churchyard he respected our right to protest and defended it.

For that we are very grateful, as he ensured that St Paul’s could be a sanctuary for us and that no violence could take place against peaceful protesters with a legitimate cause – challenging and tackling social and economic injustice in London, the UK and beyond.


80 Responses to “Statement regarding resignation of Reverend Canon Dr Giles Fraser”

  1. …and you’re really sorry that your protest has caused your one friend to lose his job?


    Oh, ok then!

    • Evan, personally I also wish Giles Fraser hadn’t resigned. I don’t know what the clergy do when they resign, but the options available cannot be plentiful.

      However, we must recognize that he did it as a matter of principle and in a society which is morally – not only financially – bankrupt, and it stands out as a very dignified act. Personally, I wish I could say I would have done the same in his place, but the truth is that a lot of us fallible human beings would lack conviction, strength and courage.

      To claim that Rev Giles Fraser was pushed, coaxed, coerced or forced into resignation is, frankly, insulting. Nevermind us the occupiers, it is insulting to him. I am not denying the connection between the protest and his resignation, but if you want to pick on the protesters, look at the world today: people losing their jobs in huge numbers through no fault of their own is just one problem we are facing.

      There is a lot of anger, that is true, but why direct it at those who are attempting to change things? Regardless of how clumsy, unprofessional, laughable or rubbish you think their efforts to be. Join us and help us do it better!

      • I agree with a lot of what your saying. It is a sad time we are living in now, where people are losing their jobs.

        You say your trying to change things.. how.. by sitting outside St Pauls, Really!! Please tell me what A) you hope to achieve & B) how your going to do it. Cause I can tell you right now, sitting outside in your tent cities is not going to do a dammm thing! All your going to do is annoy the people who might have sympathised with you at one stage

        • Bear with me, I’ll answer this tomorrow during my lunch break – need to go back to work!

  2. Tackling poverty by losing people their jobs…?

  3. So, after nearly two weeks, what has your protest achieved? You’ve shut down a cathedral and forced one of the Church of England’s most prominent left-wingers into resignation. Well done, guys – that’ll frighten the bankers.

    • What a simplistic, entirely uneducated way of looking at things. Bit of research my friend into the trustees of St Paul’s and I’m sure it will become clear why the Cathedral was forced to close.
      Giles Fraser acted with principles and morals, something some people find very difficult to comprehend.
      The protesters haven’t forced any of this situation, the CoE’s mismanagement of the situation probably due to internal and external pressure from above has caused the situation to play out in this way.

      • The resignation – is a message, just try to read it.

  4. I’m sorry, I support the principle of these protests but there is a real risk to people that is not being considered.

    A woman at the Glasgow event was raped last night. There is no safety there. I have not been able to visit the London event but are you honestly sure 350-500 people can all be kept safe in tents and harm not happen?

    • there are has been no reports of any problem in the London camp as far as anyone knows. Safety is not an issue as just many like minded people living together, becomes an issue if the police want to forcibly evict them

      • Safety will be certainly be compromised if scenes of Sat 15th are repeated in future. For example, I saw Police pushing an orange tabarded legal observer down stone steps. The poor observer, notebook in hand was merely carrying out their role of volunteer witness to the police heavy handedness with protesters SITTING on steps.

      • Actually, there were reports of things getting a bit out of hand in the minutes recently…which were taken down.

  5. “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

  6. protests didnt cost giles his job, the 1% put the screws on the church. they are cowards!!!

    • Agree completely>

      To the critics … instead of your negative comments, educate yourself as to why the occupy movement has grown so fast worldwide.

      I’m no young rebel/anarchist but a middle aged woman who’s worked hard all my life, played by the rules and like many lost so much and fear for the present and future.

      Sickened by the corruption of government banks, the ruination of this wonderful country and people’s live’s, I APPLAUD those who are at St Paul’s and every other occupy protest. They represent all of us and if I were able to I would join them.

      The occupy guys are heros and Giles Fraser by his action recognises this. He’s a man of huge integrity, the screws were well and truly put on re closing St Paul’s misusing HASAW as an excuse. He recognised this also – I wish there were more like him.

      • Well said HB. I too have worked hard all my life, earned a living, paid my taxes, bought a house, partook in society, voted etc etc.

        My votes have been ignored, manifesto pledges betrayed to me, my job cut, trying to get a start up business going with skant support from banks in a major recession, I’m out of and now priced out of housing market, my local services are being cut, NHS privatised etc etc Why? Because corporates rule and banks get bailed.

        I’ve been taken for a wage slave debt box owning easily fobbed off mug ! Haven’t we all?

        I sure as hell can’t be at OccupyLSX all the time, I am working and have family, but I’m with them in spirit as are I suspect millions of the “hard working families” in Britain that Cameron purports to support. Pah !

        • Totally agree. Couldn’t agree more. I am a “middle class” hard working (and volunteering) mum. I would be there if I could. I fear for my children’s future.

          • I think all of us parents are fearful for our kids futures.and an unelected government that back doored its way into power isnt going to do anything to help them.they are deliberatly depressing the job market in the “west” in order to drive down wages and undermine workers rights, so they can compete with the tiger ecconomies. instead of raising theirs in the “east”

    • Is amazing, that none of you have realised that without the 1%.. you would have no means to b8tch n moan about 1%.. would be no internet, no personal computers.. I by the way, am no where near the pay grade to be in the 1%. You should all feel disgusted by what has happened to Giles, you may not have made him resign but it was YOUR presence that has caused it, if you were not there police would not need to thing about moving you..

      • What a ridiculous bunch of things to say. There is no foundation for your claims; you’re living in a fantasy land.

        • So your saying that if the protestors were not outside St Pauls he would not resigned…. Yeah right!! So tell me are you at the protest?? how did you get there.. by walking NO.. you either took public transport or drove.. go back to ya farm

      • hadenuf…. imbecile. Take a real look around you… dissatisfaction all around, professionals struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Why do we carry the can for the richest 1% who continue to profit from our services and wages? and who are incidently not getting poorer like the rest of us?

        • But yet do work three times harder than a lot of you.. myself included, and who get taxed at 50%. I find it so funny all the name calling for someone who has a different of opinion to you as you type away on your smartphone..

          • and you quantify 3x harder how exactly? hours put in? and you still get to earn the same amount as anyone else before you reach that magic 50% tax band – enough to have a decent standard of living????

          • 50% tax dont make me laf. they hardly pay any of that tax cos they declare themselves a company in the channel islands or somesuch place and pay pitance. plus our last government handed so many tax breaks that they get to claim most of it back,. thanks to Bent Tony Blairwitch ad Dubya Bush. granted a few may pay it, but only because they either dont care or they aint scratched the right back yet. you need specsavers chum.

          • Hadenuf
            By your reckoning the 1% work 3 times harder than the 99%. Therefore I should, being 1 of the 99%, get paid 1/3rd (assuming worst case scenario I am a slack arse) of what they get paid. Cool, given todays news of FTSE100 directors earning an average of £2.6 million puts me in line for a pay rise of around £2.59 million ! YOU MY FRIEND HAVE GOT MY VOTE !

        • Don’t fall into the trap of over-simplification. There are some in the 1%, who quite rightly earn tons of money, because they work like crazy, and are really smart, and brave, and take real risks with their own wealth, and are an ethical source of real wealth to society. Maybe people like James Dyson, or Steve Jobs, plus countless unsung heros.

          But there are many many who earn tons of money doing nothing more than gambling with other peoples money.

          No-one here is complaining about real wealth generation which enhances society by working hard and sharing that fairly. The complaint is against that section of the 1% which is completely and ruthlessly exploitative.

      • those things arrived thru people tinkering in their parents garages, granted they became filthy rich and moved into corperate hands. but dont be fooled, you throw a dog a bone and he`s quiet and happy for a while. same with people, but the bone is fleeting and when you run out of bones to throw, you get bit! well, now the 1% have just about run out of bones and now we 99%ers are hungry and ready to bite!! and when we become as “bone starved” as greece, we`ll form our pack…but it`ll be too late!!

        • P.S. aren`t you a rock star???

      • hadenuf……..your assertions that we would not have the internet or computers were it not for the 1% I would like to dispute with you. I am not claiming this to be fact but the inventors or creators of computers and internet were almost certainly not in the 1% when these were invented or thought of. Please correct me if I am wrong. Your point implies human endeavor, creativeness, foresight, desire etc etc etc, would be stagnant without the ‘richest’ , financially richest people/corporations in the world……….you idiot…………sorry had to get that off my chest. I dont want to list everything good that man has ever created or conceived because I dont know them all, but I am sure they range from things like the use of fire, through to the wheel, to brain surgery; so again correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure none of these came about because of the rich, and I mean rich only in the financial sense. I put it to you that we, yes you and me are both one and the same humans of planet earth, we, would still strive to progress the human race regardless of MONEY and regardless of those that control it, otherwise known as the 1%. Can you honestly say to yourself that clever brains would not function without money, really ?
        As for Giles Fraser resigning, at least he had a choice (or did he?) if you yourself are not in the 1% then good luck to you, but remember this, the company you work for only want you to help increase their profits and their wealth not yours, so good luck with your 1% friends and give them my regards next time they invite you over for dinner !

  7. @evan @sheila

    Occupylsx has not caused anyone to lose their job.
    Giles Fraser chose to resign on principle.

    If you are concerned about people losing jobs then please bare in mind that
    hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs because of huge cuts to government budgets and the ensuing redundancies in the public sector and the knock on redundancies in private sector.
    These cuts are the direct result of bailing out a greedy flawed banking system and are exacerbated by a huge level of tax avoidance by corporates (who also have far too much influence over government policy).
    OccupyLSX is here to make the point that the current system does not work for the people, is not a democracy but a corporatocracy.
    If a better way can be found then far more jobs can be saved or created.
    Please, look at the big picture. Giles Fraser did.

    • i think about 30 or 40 million, let that sink in, millions, have lost jobs worldwide. and now the EU has put aside a trillion euros for our much beloved banks can rape tax payers of. isnt deMOCKracy great? it sure greats on me!!!

    • Well said!!

      • here here… and for those who haven’t lost jobs, pay cuts and freezes and the threat of loosing their job at any point…

  8. and, and i say. i thought u guys understood how things are. the 1%s will use every tactic they can to subvert the cause, and your falling for it. bull.s… shut st pauls and pig ignorance made an honest man jobless. be constructive in your critisism,else be gone!!

  9. All I see is middle-class privately educated people having fun attaching themselves to the latest ’cause’ apparently on behalf of us working classes. Please. Tell us what you suggest to solve the problem other than growing dreads and wearing fair trade underwear.

    • Then Sheila look further!!

    • about half of them are unemployed i rek and wot does working class mean these days any way. doesnt it simply mean those who have to work for a living. we now only have 2 classes,the 1% and the 99%. britian is full of snide as it is, dont be devided at the starting post. we are human beings all. unlesss david ikes right?

    • What do you suggest? Come down and contribute !

      I went to a “comp”, I’ve worked all my life, so did my parents (NHS), so does my partner (education).

      Of course if you have nothing to contribute other than snide stereotype based remarks completely unverifed by yourself then carry on. To be honest it both makes me laugh at you and despair.

    • And don’t knock fair trade. Even if it changes just one individual’s life, that individual is someone just like you.

  10. is sheila for real? or just a troll? she seems to be ridiculously stereotyping anyone on the protest and mustn’t be working class at all as otherwise like me as a learning support assistant on 10,000 pounds a year she would be massively on their side to help change the financial system which is freezing my pay and telling me I must have ‘flexible’ contract with no holiday or sick pay

    • Wow.. calling someone with opinion different to yours a troll… Maybe if you worked harder at school and studied more instead of expecting it all to come to you, you would be earning more than 10k a year.

      • Worked harder at school so he could become a professional gambler speculating on the results of other people’s real work perhaps?

      • The world needs teaching assistants “HADENUF”, whoever they are – who are you to say their work is only worth £10k ?

        • Where did I say that their work is only worth 10K, get out of your “blame everyone else” mentality. I was simply stating that if you want to earn more in your wage you have to go out do something about it Paul.

          • HADENUF seems to read an awful lot into these comments. Certainly more than anyone without a significant chip on their shoulder might.

            Maybe if he/she had studied more at school he/she might understand the importance of READING what people WRITE before responding in a belligerent manner that bears little relevance to the subject at hand.

          • nuff said

  11. Evistion by force? It looks like we are going to be battered with batons, sprayed with gas and tasered all in the name of health and saftey.
    Whats the difference between Gaddafi, Assad and the City of London Corporation?

    • the latter has the financial power

    • “Whats the difference between Gaddafi, Assad and the City of London Corporation?”

      It’s this sort of retarded question that gives the protest zero credibility.

      I support the protest in principle but the lack of direction, the fact that it has become Occupy Churchyard and the fact that there are so many clowns involved repeatedly make stupid comments like the one above means I am quickly losing interest.

      The organisation and impact (for what it was worth in the end) of the Stop the War protests make OLSX and all other occupy protests look pathetic.

      Either get it together or go home, occupying a church yard and playing with yourselves isn’t doing anybody any good.

  12. I support the protests and agree with their principle but those outside St Paul’s seem to have lost their focus. Regardless of the motivations for closing St Paul’s, which do seem utterly cynical and like scare tactics, regardless of the fact that the Church should be on the side of the poor the REAL issue here is with the banks, capitalism and corporate greed. However, wrong headed the clergys’ response, other than Giles Fraser, the protest should be located to affect the city, not a church. The fact that it is losing money should be a concern. The camp should move on – identify a site that will actually attack the root causes of the issue. At present it falls foul of looking like mere publicity seeking.

    • Paternoster Square, home of London Stock Exchange is adjacent. Police prevented it’s occupation. The current site is a near as you can get.

      • Why not move to Canary Wharf? Or outside offices of some of the larger investment banks? To cripple the cathedral, regardless of how amenable or otherwise the clergy maybe, seems unnecessary when the point could be made elsewhere in London.

        • Very little of the City is public space. Canary Wharf isn’t:

          “At Canary Wharf recently a group of activists wishing to mount a protest were contacted by advertising company JDDecaux, which told them that the space was an “experimental advertising space” for which the daily rate was £4,750.”


        • Do you know of any public land where a third camp could be set up? I would suggest that it is all private. Like Paternoster Square.
          No. We are where we are. St Paul’s is the crucible and crucifer of our movement: Is the CofE part of the 1% or the 99%? The former I suspect. The gospels tell us that the early church was emphatically the latter. Acts II:44
          Time for a Protestant Revolt? Where have I heard that before…

    • @ Michael, the protest was prevented and will be prevented from entering the City. The camp is at St. Pauls by accident.

      The Church chose to close and lose money and then threaten to cancel Rememberence Day when it didn’t need – in order to morally blackmail and rubbish the protestors.

      The behaviour of the `church has been diabolical.

  13. It is very sad when the people of courage and integrity become the victims in the fight against injustice, but was it not ever thus. Those who think the occupy protests are wrong need to understand how the greed of bankers combined with the stupidity and corruption of politicians have put our whole economy on the brink of collapse. During the optimistic phase of the economic cycle effective regulation and control on the expansion of dept was removed. This has corrupted our economy such that its profitable sectors are in finance, drugs and weapons and these will not be enough to enable the country to repay or service its nearly £4Trillion of private and government debt. Making sneering comments about the brave few who are gathering in the cold to both protest and debate the crisis will, over the next two years, become something few will admit to having done. When the history of the occupy movement is written the name of Canon Giles Frazer will be remembered as one of the first within the establishment with the courage to break ranks. Do not doubt it, many more will follow his lead as the crisis unfolds.

    • I think you’re prediction will be proved correct

    • Bravo! And Kudos to Canon Giles Frazer too You can follow him on Twitter: @giles_fraser His follower numbers are quietly exploding!
      Rich on October 27, 2011 at 10:56 am said:
      “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”

    • Very well said

  14. I fully support and respect those of you who have given up your home comforts to campaign for social justice and Giles Fraser for making a stand against hypocrisy. Stay strong. How sad that a few inconsiderate people have to come on here to pour scorn on people who deserve our admiration.

  15. I support the Occupy LSX protestors and I am proud of Canon Giles Frazer’s decision…he has shown true integrity and I believe he is a true Christian behaving as Christ would have done. I am far from political … but I, like so many others have been broken by the immoral financial system – this is a collective brokenness, a brokenness we can heal when we take collective responsibility and face the shadow of what the present system is doing to each one of us; – we have created so much debt we can never pay back from the very earth, and I feel so much pain for what we are doing to this planet. We (as in them that make the global decisions based on profit and more more more) are numbing our senses into a ever increasing false sense of security…

  16. Respect to the Canon! Fight the power.

    To all those people hating- he didnt lose his job- he resigned in protest. This is high profile publicity in favour of the protest. YESSS!!!! 🙂

    • And therefore it will come as no great surprise when Giles Fraser is invited to become a Bishop in the future.

  17. Thank you for having the courage of your convictions, Rev. Fraser.

  18. i work as does my husband i fully support the occupy movement i like many others across the world as a parent ,person am worried about the future i care about the cuts being made to the n.h.s ,education , pensions ,benefits . God bless Giles Fraser for chooseing to resign on principle wish there where more like him in the world .

  19. “Is amazing, that none of you have realised that without the 1%.. you would have no means to b8tch n moan about 1%..”

    No, what remains truly amazing is that you and others who complain about the protests fail to realize that without the 99% toiling away in underpaying jobs the 1% would not have been able to accumulate their wealth. Without the 99% spending their hard earned money buying the items made by the companies owned by the 1%, the 1% would not have seen their stock prices increase or their profits grow.

    To say that the 99% should be thankful for the 1% is to value money over people, and to see people simply as vehicles for profit. Is that what we really have come to in this world?

    • “To say that the 99% should be thankful for the 1% is to value money over people, and to see people simply as vehicles for profit. Is that what we really have come to in this world?”

      It pains me to the core to say it, but yes. Yes, that is EXACTLY what the world has come to 🙁 All over the place you can see blatant examples of how profit is much more valued than people. Just look at the Government and local councils – scrapping programs that benefit citizens and shepherding in any business which destroys the community (i.e. mega-supermarkets) and the environment (i.e. dirty fuel/peat extraction/etc..) but furnishes them with a tidy income in taxes.

  20. Did the Dean lie when he said he had “no lawful alternative” to closing Paul’s in the first place? This is the question. Don’t let’s imagine he won’t put City interests first. Look at the ‘Council of Reference’ that ‘advises’ the ‘St Paul’s Institute’. It’s got a load of people from the City, plus the Dean, that’s all.

    It would be ridiculous to be ‘grateful’ to him for reopening Paul’s. It’s ridiculous to let them do their public-relations garbage on the steps, too. It’s more to the point to find out whether he lied.

    Financial interests control this country, and have tentacles round the official ‘government’, the BBC, the church, etc. Expose this. Stop playing ‘nicy-nicy’.

    They have a Remembrance thing in Paul’s in early November, ‘remembering’ war in order to praise it, and in order to support the wars that are going on now.

    Disrupt it.

    • Miserable idea. I’ll have no part of that, and I’m sure not many would.

      • It may well be a miserable idea but I fully agree with Neil’s sentiments, and he is no idiot there.

        Remembrance Day has always been a militaristic, nationalistic, jingoistic affair. It glorifies royalty, state power and the armed services, and has very little to say about peace. Its pomp and ceremonial is surely an anachronism in the 21st century. They did not ‘die for king/queen and country’; they suffered and died simply because they obeyed orders – orders given by the 1%! Many were brainwashed by patriotic fervour, stirred up by the mass media – controlled by the 1%. The traditionalist wing of Anglicanism have always played a big role in Remembrance ceremonial – and again this is thanks to the 1% and their sycophants. After all, what more can we expect when HMQ is the titular head of both the ‘Established Church’ and of the armed forces.

        • Many were brainwashed by patriotic fervour, stirred up by the mass media – controlled by the 1%.

          And you’re a fucking idiot too.

    • They have a Remembrance thing in Paul’s in early November, ‘remembering’ war in order to praise it, and in order to support the wars that are going on now.

      Disrupt it.

      You’re a fucking idiot.

    • “Disrupt it”
      Are you being serious?
      This is a very stupid idea, irrespective of whether Rememberance days are more to glorify war and promote ideas of patriotism and sacrifice.

      What do you think the general population and media would make of anybody’s attempt to disrupt such a ceremony?

      • yeah they`d tear out our hearts if we disrupt rememberance day. i dont think kicking the natzi`s out was a mistake, tho bombing cities was just cold blooded murder and still is.and things like blowing the shite out of countries just to make money from rebuilding them, i.e. see lybia, iraq, afganistan etc etc etc is up there with rape, noncing and murder. and this is why ithink rememberance day will be less of a big deal in the future. but for now people still beleive sons and daughters die for their country and not for haliburtons monstrous profits. as for royalty sell the jewels and palaces and we`d have plenty to spend on our society. and yeah, your an idiot, but i do respect your rite to be one!!!

    • Are you be being paid to say what you say by the 1% by chance ?

    • neil & windymillar

      Are you be being paid to say what you say by the 1% by chance ? or for real even ?

      I am far from a royalist, except in fairy tales to my daughter,

      however have some respect for the relatives still alive of those that have died during said wars, after all I am sure 99% of those that died were the same as us 99%. They on the whole believed they were fighting for a good cause do you not think.

  21. The MPA is to decide, over the next few days, whether to call on the met to clear the camp or not.

    The MPA ia allegedly a representative body which is currently collecting opinions to help them decide.

    You can contact the MPA with your opinion! They might even listen.

  22. Hi – can you publish the minutes of your twice daily general assembly meetings so that everyone can see how things are going please? Also, can you stop block voting down negative comments regarding the protests on various news sites like the BBC? It’s very obvious and the BNP do the same thing to make it look like they are more popular than they are.

  23. I aIpplaud the youth of today for picking up the ball with these protests to facilitate necessary systemic changes in order to Preserve the AMERICAN QUALITY OF LIFE, to make our DREAMS again possible , to RESTORE our HUMAN RIGHTs that are being systemically removed by big government and most importantly to END USA WARS OF AGREESION. My generation was part of the 1960-1970 ANTI-Vietnam War Protestors, and we had hoped to have stopped needless wars by now . We lost our effectiveness when we became indoctrinated into the very same system we had hoped to change and are distressed at future prospects for our country. There is no respect due the leadership of the USA do to their complete lack of moral fiber. We must restore the rule of law to the land and the seas and restore basic human and earthly life as current leadership is destroying all it touches while polluting our lands and our bodies and destroying all life on earth thru random acts of destruction WORSHIPPING $$$$dollars$$$$ above all thru COORPORATE GREED in a Satanic-like mindset . THIs MUST END. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT. It is time for the 1% leadership to step down and to be removed from power. They have FAILED TO PROPERLY LEAD. THEY HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED AND MUST BE REMOVED FROM POWER AND REPLACED WITH A SYSTEM BASED ON TRUTH, JUSTICE, COMPASSION ,FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY WITH RESPECT FOR THE EARTH AND ALL LIFE ON AND WITHIN IT. I am confident today’s protestors will unify the 99% to restore LIFE< LIBERTY and the PERSUIT of Happinness upon this LAND and to RESTORE this Land and its peoples SOVERIGN RIGHTS.


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