Standing Demo Parliament Square. Evening to Monday morning



2301 hours Sunday

As me and Commonly Known As Caeke stand here at parliament square I feel ducking great knowing that my brothers and sister who are also in this streets around the world are doing as we are at the same time we are and that my friends means. A lot to me.

Even if it makes no sense to anyone else

They are standing in their streets

I’m standing in mine

Unites in solidarity across oceans and miles
0100 hours Monday

0127 hours Monday

0214 hours Monday

Someone has just got outta their bed at 2am in the morning to come and join us !!! Wow…

Some kind stranger has just brought a coffee for each of us. So lovely to have someone do something nice and support us
Encourages as well as warms us up 🙂

Just had a polish guy stop and talk a few minutes
Just passing time
He went away do happy
People need our time
Need to feel heard
Lovely fella

0400 hours

0506 hours

0524 hours


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