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Stand with the people of Gaza: #OccupyTheOccupation. Parliament Square




  • In solidarity with the people of Gaza, London activists call for urgent Parliament Square occupation
  • “It’s time to stand with the people of Gaza and refuse to leave – #OccupyTheOccupation”
  • Twitter: hashtag #OccupyTheOccupation, follow @occupylondon; Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1444554505830086/


In solidarity with the people of Gaza, activists in London have issued a call-out for an urgent peaceful occupation of Parliament Square later today (Saturday 26 July), to begin post today’s National Demonstration. [1] [2]

The march plans to go from the Israeli Embassy (assembling at 12 noon) to arrive at Parliament Square for a rally from 2.30pm to 5pm, followed by the planned occupation from around 5pm. People are invited to bring a tent and provisions and to spread the word. The twitter hashtag is #OccupyTheOccupation.

They say:

“Gaza is being destroyed before our very eyes. As each day passes the number of massacred children, men and women grows and the land becomes uninhabitable. It seems that the people of Palestine are being bombed off the map.

“It is often said that at the end of large demonstrations in London an option for further action would be welcomed by many. In this moment of urgency, it seems there is a feeling from some that we could bring tents tomorrow and begin an assembly on Parliament Square as the rally winds down, and begin an occupation.”

NB. This call for action is a result of a coming together of concerned citizens for their fellow citizens in Palestine and Israel, and has not been called by any one particular group or organisation.


1. #OccupyTheOccupation
Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1444554505830086/;

2. National Demonstration: Stop the Massacre in Gaza 26 July London http://www.stopwar.org.uk/events/national-demonstration-stop-the-massacre-in-gaza-26-july-london#.U9LytlVX-uZ

Arms dealers selling weapons to Israel.

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