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Squatting Campaign by Norbert Lawrie


As the weekend ends and Monday morning brings the prospect of another eviction for our squatting group Love Activists (London), we are expecting the bailiffs and their friends the police (TSG) to do the honors yet again, this eviction routine has been played out so many times during the last four months, as the authorities struggle to contain our squatting campaign through London’s West End, highlighting the corporate owned empty property and the drive of the greedy developers, a scandal when you consider that thousands are homeless, including families and in the very extreme, many thousands of single people, many of them young people rough sleeping on the pavements and streets of this city.

I suppose it’s now safe to inform comrades that for the last three weeks we have been occupying a hundred room hotel in Green Park, just down the road from the Ritz and the Queen is our neighbour.

Sure as hell it ain’t the Ritz, but it’s a place to call home.

When I have the time, (and by the way the bailiffs have not turned up as yet) a more detailed account will be posted on the Counterfire website of the 4 months activities that I’ve had the great pleasure to participate in with the (London) Love Activists.


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