Spring Awakening: Occupy London prepares for second wave


Occupy London announces an Open Day on Tuesday 10 April as gets ready for Occupy May. Occupy London Stock Exchange was just the beginning. Calls you to help make May the beginning of a summer the one per cent will not forget.

Occupy London is set to strike back this May as people around the world take to the streets to mark one year since the indignados reclaimed their squares in Spain and Greece, and six months since the Occupy movement went global.

The next wave is about to begin. Put May Day, 12 May and 15 May in your diary.

It’s been four years since the financial crisis hit. Governments have failed catastrophically to implement the economic change needed to prevent it happening again. They have failed to protect their citizens’ interests against those of corporations and the financial markets. Ordinary people – families, small businesses and communities – are being forced to pay for a crisis they didn’t cause. May marks an international call to act locally and globally against this injustice and to fight for a sustainable economy that puts people and the environment we live in before corporate profits.

In the UK, the millionaires’ budget confirmed that the coalition seeks to reward those at the top of society, at the expense of our health service, education and pensions. We are already seeing the fallout of extreme austerity in other European countries where the economic activity has come to a standstill and the living standards of ordinary people have reached punishing lows.

The world’s eyes are on London this year with the Jubilee, the Olympics … but we all know that the pageantry and the spectacle can’t hide what’s really happening in the UK as politicians collude with the financial elite.

Occupy London is building for its second wave. You, your group, organisation or community are called to get involved – let’s bring together concerned individuals and seasoned campaigners from across and beyond the political spectrum.

Open Day for Occupy London

The first of a number of creative events and actions leading up to May will be an Open Day event starting at 6pm Tuesday 10 April at Friends Meeting House (173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ). Between 6pm and 7.30pm, come and meet people involved in Occupy London’s working groups to find out how you can get involved, what they have been up to and what they are planning. At 7.30pm, get ready for some creative planning for events in May! Stay in the loop via the Facebook event for Occupy May!.

Occupy London Stock Exchange was just the beginning. Join us as we regroup to make May the beginning of a summer the one per cent will not forget.


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