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Some Write at the Times


In order to keep tabs with the latest thinking coming from the anti-democratic banker and business fueled Raging Right, we have to keep tabs on what their writers are writing. Some write at the Times. You may know of Tim Montgomerie who is a self proclaimed Tory Party activist. He writes many words but every article says the same thing. Money is write, welfare is wrong, should be replaced by charity. And there it is.

We have a slightly more progressive view at Occupy. So I might criticise him now and then if he tweets something particularly mind numbing. Astonishingly this morning one Deborah Orr of the Guardian came to his defence. Who would have thought it.

(oh and btw some of us at Occupy are activists, but we don’t get a job writing at the Times, we get ….err what was it? arrested, oh yeah…)


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