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Solidarity Sunday Barton Moss Protection Camp 26/01/2014, by Obi



Original call out: from the event page on Facebook.
Do you live in the 60% of the UK that has been made available to fracking companies? Solidarity Sunday is an opportunity to support a community fighting fracking NOW, but also to highlight the threat to your community and the resistance taking place where you live!

I finally had the time to visit the latest front line against the terrorist corporations seeking to poison the water supply, this time, a corporation called iGas. The company has the collusion of the local Council and the Greater Manchester Police (GMPs) are acting as corporation enforcers. So far estimates of the policing has cost over £300,000.
As time passes, it may exceed the costs of policing Balcombe (£3.8 million).

A fellow Occupy-er and friend was driving down on the Friday and I seized the chance to go with her. The term desolate North West, certainly lived up to the reputation. Apparently Manchester receives more rain than any other place in England. Vegetarian kitchen, compost toilets, benders as the big tents did not survive the winds and firepit.

You can see some of the livestreams I took and and the photos.

We arrived around 2330hours and I managed to video the iGas site from afar.

Early Saturday morning. Outside the razor wire fence.

Brief video on life in the camp, with the usual tidying and relaxing away from the rain and wind.

We do have those accusing Protectors and Occupy-ers of being scroungers. As if people would really prefer a life sleeping on concrete or on top of soil, in a tent, being lashed by the rain and the wind, DURING THE WINTER!
Live in one of these places for a few weeks and see what life is like. You have to be a hardy soul to be a protector. I would recommend Army surplus for the cheaper and hard wearing materials. Keeping warm and dry is a must or you will be miserable.

Confronting the iGas Terrorists. Slow walk up to their site. By law, we cannot block their progress, but we can make it slower. This night, the four vehicle convoy was delayed for two hours.

Other streams via these links:

Early morning Sunday. Nice rainy day at the desolate North West.

Alina from Manchester describing the plan for the day. Plans for a Naked Sundance?

Start of the March. No police in sight. Numbers look to be from 250 to 300 people. Less than the previous 750-1000 people. Unfortunate that the weather may have put off people from attending.

Speeches and sing along. Part 1.

Part 2.

After Party.

Shoutout for donations.
Reference Livestream or for Barton Moss arrestee support. Paypal is nemogbr@yahoo.co.uk.

Report from ITV.

Here Vanessa Vine, hands Peter Lilley his posterior. Interesting that the newscaster did not know of the police assault on Legal Observer and Livestreamer Kris.


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